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Day 563 | March 27, 2023

Good evening, friends; today is March 27th in our new and grateful life.

It has been a minute since my last post, life has been busy, and honestly, my time has become scarce lately.

But I have mostly good news to share, and I am grateful for your continued support; we; greatly appreciate it.

Charlie is continuing to make significant progress; she is getting stronger and will soon start hydrotherapy; yes, she will get into a pool! She has been waiting for this moment, and she is so excited about it; it will be a moment of discovery; her Dr. has cleared her, but also told her to watch her skin and make sure to hydrate very well after the pool, the chlorine and other pool chemicals will dry her skin very fast, but it will be well worth, to once again feel the water around her body and float on it, it has been a long time, and Charlie always loved the water, we are both scuba diving certified. We hope to dive one day again, but first, let’s start with the pool and see how it goes.

Now, with the pool, we will enter an entirely new world of exposing her wounded body; I can assure you that it is not an easy step. She is working very hard mentally to overcome all of her fears and preconceptions about exposing her burned, scarred body in public. It takes an incredible amount of courage and vulnerability, and once again, Charlie is an inspiration; she is facing this new challenge head-on.

I am so grateful to be beside her as she overcame this next challenge.

The last few weeks have been a blessing, we have managed to enjoy many family outings, and as I still struggle with good and bad days, I am starting to see how blessed I am to have the beautiful family that I have and how much I have to be grateful, and just looking at photos of the past few days, I can see how much we have overcome, and this has been so helpful to help me to refocus and get back in being present, I am happy to feel happy again, I have learned and implemented new tools to my self-care belt, I take more breaks. I purposely find time to be alone and write in my journal.

I realized how much I missed those 30 to 45 minutes a day that I used to write when in the hospital with Charlie, now I am using my writing differently; I have been writing on my new blog Casa X Publishers, where I use my passion about research and write about relevant topics about mental health, and it has been very therapeutic to me.

Our boys are doing fantastic, London loves his time at Drama, and Julien loves his mornings at school and spending afternoons with his mommy; they both are mommy’s boys, and she loves every single minute with them and, of course, Bluey, our Cat.

Oh, Bluey, he has become a crucial part of our family, and for no good reason; he is obsessed with me and always follows me around and hangs out at my office during the day; I am starting to like him.

We have consistently excellent child care; we have had some issues with the Aide agencies, and for the last month or so, we have hired someone privately until the insurance decides what they want to do; this has been the main issue we have been dealing in this past month, but I am confident that in a getting to a resolution sooner than later.

Well, that is about what I have to share with you for now; life is becoming exciting, and soon, we will have new adventures and memories to share; thank you for your continued support and prayers, and thank you for your support of my Book, looking back, it is just amazing to see how far we have come!

May God Bless You!


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