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I Almost Lost Her


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André Xavier’s life was forever changed by a single phone call on a sunny September morning.


On the other end, his wife Charlie heaved in a breathless panic.

Come quick.

There’s been an accident.

Plant Shadow

I Almost Lost Her is the story of Charlie’s ongoing healing and André’s acceptance of his own vulnerability. Readers follow the couple’s journey through adversity, the highs and lows, and everything in between. Ultimately, in the face of great suffering, Charlie and André learn to feel fear and pain, then release it so they may remain focused on their new and beautiful life. In their highly-anticipated debut book, André and Charlie remind us that strength, faith, and love are the cornerstones of enduring partnerships—no matter how bleak the circumstance. No matter how difficult the fight.


About the Author

André Xavier

André Xavier is a successful entrepreneur and author from Sao Paulo, Brazil. In 2021, he was transformed through the trauma of nearly losing his wife to a tragic work accident. Having almost been left behind to idly raise their two beautiful children, André revived his life and partnership with Charlie Anne through advocacy, vulnerability, and enduring love.

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