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Day 452 | December 06, 2022

Good evening, friends. Today is December 6 of our new and grateful life.

It is so good to be writing this journal entry; so much has happened since Thanksgiving.

As some may know, December is a hectic month at our house; our boys have birthdays and Christmas, one of Charlie’s favorite holidays!

The day after Thanksgiving, Charlie started to decorate our first tree; this was the tree for her bedroom, she did a beautiful job, and she was beyond excited that she was able to decorate her tree!

Soon after, the second tree went up, which was for London’s room, an adorable tree to London to add any ornaments he wanted.

And, of course, Julien also has his tree in his room, and this tree has an animal theme with super cute ornaments.

Last but not least, our family room tree, the 7 feet peacock theme tree, is gorgeous; Charlie has decorated every one of those trees.

We are halfway done with the outdoor lights, and Charlie is not happy that it is taking me this long.

Besides being busy decorating, Charlie has also been very busy at her PT and OT, and she is starting to see some improvements; the most impressive of all is that last week, Charlie decided that she was ready to use the stairs to go into our basement!

She was cautious, and with my help, she made her way to the basement, and when she got down there, we were both in disbelief! She did it! She walked downstairs!

It had been over a year since she last saw our kid's playroom and TV room; she was so happy!

In Charlie’s fashion, she immediately told me we needed to organize and clean up the basement!

We spent a wonderful afternoon in the basement, playing with the boys, and we even watched a movie; it was surreal to see Charlie there! To this day, I am still in awe of her strength!

The challenging part was to go up the stairs; slowly, she made her way up, and she overcame the pain, and just like that, she did something that we were not sure would be possible!

Now, she is working on her strength and courage to go upstairs to our bedroom, which is a much larger stair and is hardwood; I am confident that she will be able to do so, but we are also being very cautious because she can’t fall, when you spend as much time as she did in the hospital, you can develop osteoporosis, and that is the case for Charlie.

Since we have two birthdays in December plus Christmas, Charlie is busy wrapping gifts, and she is again overcoming her physical limitations. She is doing a beautiful job wrapping the presents! These are simple but incredible milestones for us, and we celebrated every single step in her recovery!

I am continuing to be busy with work, and I just finished writing an E-book in collaboration with a non-profit; as soon as they publish, I will share a link here.

I was able to lower the price of my book, now is a great time to get a copy as a gift during this Christmas season.

Life is moving fast, and each day is a gift; we still have a long road ahead, but we remain humble and grateful.

May God Bless You, and thank you for your support.


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