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Day 357 | SEPTEMBER 02, 2022

Good evening, friends. Today is day 357 of our new and fantastic life!

Today started last night with London waking me up at 2:15a, complaining that he was not feeling too well :); he slept the rest of the night by my side.

Breakfast and the usual mommy ride to school went by fast this morning.

Charlie had planned a visit to Michael’s craft store; before the accident, Charlie loved to work with her hands, and she did beautiful wreaths for every season; today, she went back to one of her favorites stores to grab some lace for a store bough wreath that she bought for our house, I know that she is hopeful to one day be able to make wreaths once again.

I got a call from London school that he was not feeling well, and he wanted to come home, so at 11 am I went to pick London up, sadly for him, we walked back, no supersonic chair ride , he said that his head was hurting, possible allergies.

Once home, he was medicated and ate lunch, and very soon after, he was feeling better and was ready to play.

Bluey is starting to progress; he knows he loves playing with London.

Today Charlie did well; she managed to get things done and, thank God, didn’t feel too much about the effects of withdrawal; fingers crossed, I am cautiously optimistic; please continue to pray for her.

I had a jam-packed but productive early evening, I received my finished, edited manuscripts, and they went to print; well, Amazon, the day has come!

Just as I have prayed for, our book will be published on 9/10, and very soon, it will be available worldwide for purchase, first on Amazon and soon after at bookstores.

I kindly ask you, if you haven’t placed your pre-order on our website, to please purchase your book once published, we will remain to sell it on our website.

I am just amazed that I was indeed able to write a book, in less than a year, during the most challenging time of our lives, and here we are! These daily entries were invaluable to the book; the final manuscript has 254 pages.

I want to thank you for your words of encouragement from day one; they kept me going, I am very humbled by this journey, and I hope that anyone that reads my words can find hope and inspiration to face their hardships and challenges.

Thank you for your continued support and your prayers.

May God Bless you.


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