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Day 35 | OCTOBER 15, 2021

Good Evening Friends, today is day 35 of our new and amazing life!

Today was a good day!

Charlie underwent her surgery number 21 today where they did their usual procedure, of replacing her allografts and today they worked on her back area, this is her last surgery where they just replaced the allografts, and on Tuesday God willing, she will start her first surgery to apply her CEA , lab grown skin!

To say that I am excited it is an understatement, I am beyond happy and also so grateful!

I am so thankful that Charlie will be leaving her acute phase of care and entering her reconstruction phase. We will have new and different challenges, but Charlie’s track record of determination and God's protection from infections should continue on this new phase that should last 2.5 months.

I continue to ask you for your prayers and positive thoughts, because she will need it and because it works!! Thank you for your continued support!

I arrived at the hospital at 4pm today, since her surgery did not start until noon, surgery days are sadly a short day for my visit, but is also so good to know that she survives each surgery, and also to be there in her room when she first arrives, just to comfort her and offer some guidance as she comes out of the general anesthesia, it is not easy , it is very hard on your body, you feel cold and pain, but I know my presence and my love is of comfort to her, so as usual I caress her forehead and hair until she fell asleep.

Today I am full of gratitude. I am so excited for Tuesday, it is just incredible to think about her next step on this long and painful journey.

After Charlie returned to her room, her doctor spoke with me , and once again, he told me how impressed he is with Charlie , and he is absolutely confident in her full recovery!

The amount of strength and determination she has, I have never seen before! Told me her doctors, Charlie is one strong and amazing person!

To hear his words, jut gave me such joy and hope, he is the director of VCU burn center, he has treated hundreds if not thousands of patients over 2 decades and for him to say he has never seen anyone with Charlie’s strength, makes me so proud of her!

It is surreal to have a conversation with him about Charlie’s rehab plan. I am so happy and grateful today!

I would like to take this opportunity to ask you to help us to share Charlie’s story in a beautiful and powerful way!

One of our good friends, works at Custom Ink, and they have designed a beautiful logo for Charlie, you may know know this , but Charlie loves Nautical theme, she has a tattoo of a Anchor in her upper back, almost to her neck ( it did not get burned ) , and the one frase I kept thinking about over and over during the first weeks of our journey, during the days I was not sure if Charlie would survive , I kept saying “ out of darkness , there will be light”

I had no idea at that time that so many people would rally around my family , with so much love and kindness, and an incredible movement of positivity, love and kindness would come out of Charlie’s accident! Now I can see the light that is coming out of Darkness, it is beautiful and inspiring to see so many of you here every day and every night, with your beautiful comments and words of encouragement!

Here is my ask, please purchase your shirts, to help spread Charlie’s message far and wide !

Buy one as a gift to a friend or family member that is in need of hope!

Everyone needs to know that out of their darkest hour, there will be light at the end , if we have faith and trust in God!

I would love to count on you to help us to reach the goal of 1k shirts sold before the 30 days!

I am counting on every single one of you to spread Charlie's story and share the link.

The funds raised will be used on Charlie’s medical bills and if we collect more than what she needs, we will donate it to a charity of Charlie’s choosing.

Thank you for your generosity and May God Bless You !


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