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Day 27 - 2 | OCTOBER 07, 2021

Good Evening Friends, today is day 27 of our new and amazing life!

It is hard to believe that we are approaching one month after the accident, just incredible how much our life has changed in such a short period of time.

I remain grateful to God for preserving Charlie’s life, the more I read the statistics and talk with doctors, the more I know how big of a miracle her survival is! Only God will be able to one day show us why he saved her life. But one thing I already know is that giving back is going to be in the center of our life’s moving forward!

I would like to start by giving back to the folks that first encountered and rescued Charlie at the scene of her accident ! I would love to ask you to send a gif or a donation to the first responders that were the first step in saving her life, I will be forever grateful to their heroic efforts to get her stable and to the hospital, I did a separate post on the group I kindly ask you to consider helping me in saying thank you !

Today was a very good day, Charlie was sitting on her recliner! I could not believe my eyes! She was off her bed ! They used a lift to move her out of her bed and place her on the recliner, it was such a joy to see her out of the bed!! She can’t stand on her own yet.

Her doctor said he will start to have the OT team , getting her out of the bed and standing using the lift and also seating on the recliner. This will help her to exercise and start to move a little, it is such an important step for her .

Today I am a little frustrated, I once again asked about reducing her trach collar size to 6, and this time I got a better explanation on why they can’t do yet, I won’t bother you with the technical details, but I understand and I accept the reason behind, I just asked them to revisit it as soon as they could, but in reality will be 2 months or more before she will be able to have it downsized and speak, this is one thing I can’t change at this moment and it is very frustrating.

Charlie as usual was awake for the first few hours of our visit, and once again we read and hung more cards. She really likes to hear the wonderful messages you are sending to her . Thank you!

The nurses are starting to talk about how many cards she is receiving. Thank you for all the cards and thank you for the amazing food and sweets you are sending to the nurses and doctors! They are loving it!! Keep it coming !

Charlie was in a good mood today, she asked me about the boys, she also told me how much she loves me , and that she can’t wait to come home !

Today I asked her few more of your questions:

Since she loves to bake, I would ask Charlie what is her favorite thing to bake?

Charlie loves to bake cookies! All kinds and shapes! But her favorite is a almond sugar cookies, plus any and all sweets

My question for Charlie is: If Andre’ could do one thing, something that he loves but never spends the money on or makes the time for, what would it be?

Relax ( haha) she said that I am a workaholic!

MY QUESTION: Where do you get your baking recipes... cookbooks or the internet?

She said I get most of my recipes online but She never follows it exactly. She always finds a way to add her touch, she also has a family cookbook that she uses, but measurements are not her forte, she eyes almost everything.

After the questions, it was time for her to return to her bed, so they brought the lift and hooked her to it and moved her into her bed, where she quickly fell asleep. She had a good day with her physical therapy and that made her tired.

The rest of our visit consisted of me looking at her and dreaming of the day she will come home and be with the boys and our family! I know we are so far away from that day, but I am hopeful and I know she will come home. I keep praying for God to give her and me patience, it is not easy but it is necessary.

I just can’t get over how beautiful she looks every time I see her, I always told Charlie that she looked better without any make up! And it is true! I love her freckled face and beautiful blue eyes.

Tomorrow Charlie returns to the OR and she will endure another surgery. I think it is number 19, they will work on her stomach, and upper areas, the usual allografts replacements.

Thank you for your prayers and Cards, I could not thank you enough for all your love and support!

May God Bless you !


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