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Day 267 | JUNE 04, 2022

Good evening, Friends, today is day 267 of our new and amazing life!

Saturday the day for morning cartoons is now also the day to sleep in a little.

I was up at my usual time, but I didn’t come down until 8:30am. London had been watching Cartoons in our bed.

The boys and I had our breakfast and Charlie joined us a little later. Today Charlie asked for Cereal, it had been a while since she enjoyed one of her favorite breakfast foods.

We decided to start Charlie’s birthday celebration today 🙂. It was our first outing as a family (minus Julien and Vovó) they stayed back and we also didn't have enough seats on our minivan for all of us to ride together, but we made it work.

Today’s itinerary included lunch at the Dairy Market and a trip to Target (Charlie’s request).

We had a fantastic lunch, the awesome part of eating at a food hall, each person can have their choice of food, so London chooses a slice of cheese pizza, Charlie chose a Cubano Sandwich, and my choice was the best of all 🙂, a Arepa Sandwich called Buenos Aires, Yucca fries, Arepa Cheese balls, and it was delicious!! And to end, Ice cream at Moo Thru!

I highly recommend a trip to the Dairy Market in Charlottesville.

Today’s lunch had a very special meaning, not only was it the first time that We went out as a family, but also was the first meal we shared outside of our house in Charlottesville!

I have no words to describe how much joy and gratitude I felt during our lunch! God is so amazing by providing us with this second chance at life! Thank you, God!

After our amazing lunch, we made our way to target, Charlie wanted to buy some clothes for London, and also a game for us to play as a family, and some other small items, this was also the first time Charlie went into a store since the accident, I can only imagine how strange this was for Charlie, prior to the accident, She really enjoyed her trips to Target, today I felt like she was having to re learn how to shop, even though the store was very accessible, she still had certain limitations when reaching or accessing certain items on the store, but she had a good time and found almost everything she was looking for.

One thing that we noticed today was how accessible the Dairy Market and Target are. Well done guys!

Today was also the first time, Charlie came across some of you, she was very happy to see people coming to her, but she is also getting used to it, so if you see us out and about, please come by and say hello, just be a little more patient with Charlie, since this is all new for her.

We were out for almost 5 hours, and that was enough to make Charlie exhausted. She gets very tired and also with a lot of pain from sitting on her chair for so long, her open wounds on her buttocks are really painful.

We ended our day by eating dinner together in her room, and we also had a great conversation, just so much going on right now, it is not easy to process all at once, we just want to say thank you!

We are so grateful for all your love, prayers and support!!

And get ready, the book pre-sale will start soon! Keep an eye on your emails if you are registered on our blog, and if you are not, what are you waiting for! Still time to be one of the first to be notified of the pre-sale and secure a very special gift!

Have a good night and May God Bless you!


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