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Day 227 | APRIL 25, 2022

Good evening, Friends, today is day 227 of our new and amazing life.

Today we had a busy morning, starting today our garage door needs to be open at 7:30am, that is when our wonderful construction crew starts their day. Today they had a great start, I am so grateful and excited to have the modifications ready for Charlie to return home.

After a insanely busy day with work, I made my way to see my beautiful wife, today I planned a little date night for me and Charlie, it has been few days since just the two of us had a visit, and coming from the most amazing day of yesterday, I thought it would be a good idea to bring cheese, an antipasto tray, bread, crackers and wine 😉 (non-alcoholic wine), for us to munch on as we chatted and watched TV.

I arrived a little later than usual, it was 6:15pm when I arrived, Charlie was very happy to see me and she looked beautiful, I set up her plate, cut the cheese, the meats, I made little finger size bites for her to grab with her left hand without having to struggle with larger pieces.

It is amazing how we take for granted the ability to cut a piece of bread, or even a piece of salami, I was happy to help Charlie with those tasks.

Charlie was a little less talkative today, she was clearly in pain, I know Charlie well enough that when she is quiet and not herself, that most of the times pain is the cause, today she had a busy day, she was outside and she did experience a little overheating from the sun today, but luckily, she was able to cool off quick in the ac.

We had an enjoyable meal and we talked about the house renovations. Charlie is so excited to come home, and she is so grateful for the contractors to be working so hard to make the changes necessary to bring Charlie home.

It was great to have a little date night, even if it was not the most talkative, we did enjoy each other's company, sometimes we just need to be ourselves in front of loved ones, no expectations, just being comfortable is the best kind of date night, and that we had tonight.

Each day is a blessing, some days have amazing blessings and some others just little ones. As long as we can keep finding the light, we can keep moving forward.

Thank you so much for your words of encouragement, Charlie loved your kindness in yesterday's journal.

Thank you so much!!

Stay tuned, tomorrow I am going to post an interview that I did with a fantastic podcast. It is the first time I talked in detail about the accident, and even about the night before, you will not want to miss it.

May God Bless You!


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On Friday, September 10th, Charlie Anne Xavier was in a horrific and life-changing accident. Though she’s surprising her doctors and nurses daily with her incredible strength and resilience, this road to recovery will be an incredibly long one. 

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