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After a burn injury, loved ones or family members are sometimes thrust into the caregiver or burn survivor advocate role with little to no knowledge or experience of how to take on this new job.

There is a lot to think about as a caregiver for a burn survivor, and as a loved one, it is likely very important that those that experienced a burn injury receive the best care possible. 

Inside this guide, burn survivor advocate and author André Xavier shares helpful tips to help others that are impacted by a burn injury.



  • Tools on navigating advocating for a loved one
  • Information about a patient's bill of rights
  • How to navigate the power of attorney issues
  • Information and questions to ask about post-hospital care
  • Avoiding caregiver burnout with self-care
  • Tips for caring for children while caring for a loved one with a burn injury
  • Telling the caregiver's story with confidence 
  • Signs you're ready to give back
  • How to handle micro-aggressions
  • Navigating the hospital as a caregiver
  • Available resources for caregivers

Download this guide today to get the helpful tips from the family member of a burn survivor!


André Xavier is a successful entrepreneur and author. In 2021, he was transformed through the trauma of nearly losing his wife, Charlie Anne, to a tragic workplace accident. While running their businesses and raising their two beautiful children while Charlie recovered, André revived his life through advocacy, vulnerability, and enduring love.

His best-selling memoir, I Almost Lost Her, A Memoir of Unthinkable Tragedy, made him aware of his gift of words. Now he is sharing his own experience of being an advocate. The challenges and lessons learned during his wife’s lengthy hospitalization are the foundation of this guide as André continues to give back via his writings or talks, and he is very grateful to have the opportunity to help anyone in need of hope during difficult times.


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  • This is a FREE E-book, the file you will download is a PDF.  There is no physical book, just the PDF file for download. 

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