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Day 04 | SEPTEMBER 14, 2021

Good evening Friends, Day 4 of our new life.

Today Charlie had her 2nd surgery, and it went well. They worked on her neck, torso and belly. Tomorrow if she remains stable overnight, she will undergo her 3rd Surgery mid morning to work on her arms.

clothes and shoes
Charlie Loving her baby

Sadly my visit was very short, since she arrived from the OR at 7pm, so I was with her from 7 to 8pm.

She was sleeping, but just to be in her presence and see her gives me enough strength.

They have stepped up the protocols of cleanliness and now they require anyone entering the room to wear a gown and gloves, I am very pleased with this new step. We want to avoid infection at any and all cost!

I am sorry, but we don’t have any funny stories for today.

Her surgeon told me he is optimistic about her , and that is great news!

Now let’s continue to pray and see what tomorrow will bring us.

Thank you so much, I will never be able to thank every single one of you !

You guys are amazing!

Have a good night and God Bless you .

Day 04 | SEPTEMBER 14, 2021 WC 315/1581

Good Evening Friends, Day 4 of our new life.

As I give Julien his bottle and put him to bed here is today’s update:

Charlie underwent her 4th surgery today.

They worked on her back and butt, this surgery was done in 5 hours, and went very well.

I want to give you a detail that may be a little graphic but it will show how great her doctors are .

Her doctor noticed that a few spots in her butt subcutaneous tissue was showing signs of dying, he immediately recognized that as a sign of a possible infection opportunity, so to avoid any chance of infection on that area, he removed completely the subcutaneous tissue of Charlie’s butt down to the muscle.

I was very pleased to hear that, because of this preventive move , he may have just saved her from her first infection.

I also learned that Charlie’s ability to communicate on her first 2 days is no longer there , according to one of her nurses, her ability was not normal, but now she is behaving like a normal burn patient, the fatigue is real, her body is working so hard, burning so many calories that she is tired. So our future visits may not have too many fun moments, but she still knows that I am there and does open her eye and makes facial expressions to some of my questions, or like today when I said, I am leaving now but I will be back tomorrow, she shook her head sideways as a no, so I stayed an extra 15 minutes:)

Charlie is doing good ! Doctors are very optimistic! But we know this is a roller coaster ride and we are up now, so let’s keep praying!

Once again thank you!! You guys are amazing, your love and support is beyond appreciated.

Thank you and God Bless.


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