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Day 03 | SEPTEMBER 13, 2021

Good evening Friends! Today is day 3 of our new life.

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Charlie and her boys

Charlie is still fighting the good fight! She remains stable, and is scheduled for her second surgery tomorrow at 10:30am( please pray for her at that time ).

The Surgeons will focus on her neck and torso. She is receiving skin grafts and wound care.

They will also collect the sample of her own skin to send to the lab to grow it, since she needs a lot (85%) of her body.

Somehow Charlie and I are able to communicate, she is not able to talk, she can’t see too well right now ( side effect of Propofol) , and she is heavily sedated( more on this shortly ) she can’t point to letters on the paper due to the sedative. But she is able to move her arms around and move her lips and I somehow , guess what she is saying. I guess when you marry your soulmate it helps .

Her demands today was :

1- tell the nurses to make sure to show me on my phone the videos you (me) send me at night . ( they did not do it yesterday)

2- tell the nurses to be very gentle when moving my legs, my knees are sensitive, I have RA !

3- She asked me to hug her and kiss on her forehead ( I had already kissed her forehead before she asked ) .

I read her 3 cards today’s, she LOVED it! Thank you!!

Funny story for today:

A brand new nurse was there in training and she helped to readjust Charlie on the bed. After moving her, she looked with big eyes and asked the RN, how is it possible for this patient to be awake and moving ?!! She is on the highest dosage of Propofol and Pain meds, I didn’t know this was possible! The RN smiled and said, her husband told me she has Irish in her .

Once again, we had a blessed and positive day.

Thank you so much for your amazing support and Love .

Charlie is well aware of your efforts and love towards us and she is beyond grateful and humbled by it.

Please continue your prayers and positive thoughts, it is working.

Thank you and God Bless you all.


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