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Day 98 | DECEMBER 17, 2021

Good Evening Friends,

Today is day 98 of our new and amazing life!

Today is a special day for us, it is our oldest son's birthday, London turned 5 today. He is the sweetest little boy, his personality is just like Charlie’s, if you know our family, you know exactly what I am talking about.

The hospital phone system has been out of service since yesterday afternoon, so last night I didn’t get my nightly update or this morning update, so I emailed our case manager and few hours later as I was making my way to the hospital, her nurse called me , and she didn’t have great news, Charlie is ok, but last night she developed a fever and now she has an UTI and also a possible bacteria in her blood, poor Charlie is not feeling too well, she had a fever and was uncomfortable, during our entire visit, Charlie had all her lines and tubes replaced , sadly Charlie had a very uncomfortable day.

It is so unfortunate, because she really wanted to do her first live video call with London, to wish him a happy birthday! I am very sad for her, I know how much this meant to her.

Well, friends we are now having a small speed bump on our upward trajectory of this week, but I already know the drill, antibiotics will do their magic in the next 7 days , I just hope that Charlie starts to feel better soon, she is such a trooper , she didn’t complain at all today, besides her very uncomfortable day.

I am still grateful and confident in her recovery from these new infections, Charlie is strong and she will beat this once again!

I kindly ask you to pray for Charlie and her recovery and for God to calm her heart.

Today her mommy heart is sad. She really wanted to do her first video call with London for his birthday, she was very sad and I am sad for her .

Besides all what was going on today, Charlie remained kind and so sweet, she is a true inspiration on how to handle pain .

Thank you and May God Bless You !


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