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Day 97 | DECEMBER 16, 2021

Good Evening Friends, today is day 97 of our new and amazing life !

Today I arrived a few minutes earlier at the hospital to make up for my delay yesterday:)

When I arrived Charlie was being placed at her chair, she was a little sleepy today since she had a full wound care done today , but once on her chair, she asked me to feed her lunch, today she had a tomato soup and she really liked it, i feel so privileged to be able to be there for my beautiful wife , when she needs me.

Charlie was less talkative today, mainly because the full body wound care it is a lot on her , Charlie’s pain tolerance continues to impress her nurses , she requires the bare minimum and seems to be very comfortable, I am starting to believe that Charlie is a superwomen , sadly she has had years of RA pain to thank for her incredible pain tolerance.

We talked about coincidences today. Do they really exist, or is God placing people and events at the right place and time in order to execute his plan ?

We discussed Charlie’s particular rescue, there were so many so called coincidences that we can clearly see the hand of God, to start, the Gordonsville Fire house is 100% volunteers, there is no one on shifts waiting for the calls, and when Charlie call came in, the first person to respond was a nurse, that was casually checking out of the food lion and walking into her car, and the food lion is literally 3 minutes away from Path, or how “lucky” that a incredible well trained military man is at his home , just down the street literally 2 minutes from Patch, and I could go on and on with the lost of coincidences that culminated into the incredible fast and efficient rescue of Charlie that is one of the main reasons why she is alive and why she did not lose any limb, I choose to see the hand of God on this so called coincidences, what was the reason those rescuers where just around the corner from Patch ? And not hours away?! We will never know, but we both agree, it was God’s work.

We continue to discuss our gratitude, and we are now able to verbalize our feelings towards each other and how much our move have evolved since the day our life as we knew ended and we were given the new and amazing life that we have now, I can’t put into words, how much love there is between us, to the point that is almost impossible to not cry as we look each other’s in the eye, it is tangible!

Charlie is doing well medically speaking as well, she is doing well mentally and psychologically, she is an inspiration to me and the medical team.

We did watch some tv, but now less and less the tv is the main activity, we spend most of our time talking, and enjoying this incredible moment we are living in, finally we have a sense that we can see the light at the end of the tunnel, off course we know that we have months and months ahead of us, and we also know that “returning to normal” does not exist, our life will never be the same as before , we have accepted that and we are doing our best to build the best possible new life we can to our family and ourselves and our community.

We are grateful for your continued prayers and support!

Charlie asked me to tell you how much she appreciates every single one of you , she is very grateful for your generosity and prayers!

Thank you,

May God Bless You .


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