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Day 96 | DECEMBER 15, 2021

Good Evening Friends, today is day 96 of our new and amazing life!

Today I had a busy day with work and I arrived 1 hour later than my usual 3:00pm, and poor Charlie was waiting for me on her chair, she now actually waits for me to arrive

Charlie was watching a movie , the Shack on Netflix and we watched it together, it was an interesting movie for sure.

Now that Charlie is speaking, she is so much more alert and it truly feels like a visit, when I arrive , Charlie offers me a drink and off course I accepted a cold 7up, and today Charlie order her first dinner, she ordered a pot roast, mashed potatoes and Mac and cheese, the food arrived fairly quick and it looked and smelled delicious, I started to feed Charlie small bites and she loved the food, I actually tasted and it was indeed very good. She eats a small amount since today is only day 2 of eating and she is still receiving her full nutrition via her feeding tube, so eating now is more like a treat.

It was such a loving experience to feed Charlie her dinner , she is so grateful for all my help and it feels so good to know how much she appreciates me and the positive impact my actions and advocacy has had on her, it is amazing that she noticed and appreciated all what I have been doing, and it is my duty to do everything what I have done and continue to do, I don’t need or want the praise, but it does feels amazing how much Charlie appreciates, it just makes me want to go above and beyond and do even more !

Charlie had a busy day , she continues to do her 4 hours of air drying, and full body wound care every other day, she now has a more intense PT regiment and on Wednesday she sees her therapist , she is having a busy schedule and she is so happy to be making so much progress.

Charlie is in a very positive and grateful mindset, and I am very pleasantly surprised! To say that she is a fighter and an inspiration does not justify how incredible her attitude and desire to get better actually is .

I feel very privileged to be at her side on this incredible and difficult journey, we are both very grateful to God’s miracle and to everyone’s prayers and generosity.

Today we both talked about this quote:

If you are angry you are living in the past

If you are anxious you are living in the future

If you are happy you are living in the present

There is so much truth on these words, and we both agreed that our present is where we need to be in right now and enjoy these moments of happiness and gratitude, because we know the future is unsure and it does causes us anxiety, we also agree that looking back at the accident, will not bring us any positive feelings, so we are committed to stay in the present and yet be hopeful about the future.

We are so grateful to have each other , our love has grown so much and now we are able to express to each other how our love has morphed into a level beyond our wildest imagination!

Thank you, for your continued prayers and support!

May God Bless You!


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