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Day 95 | DECEMBER 14, 2021

Good Evening Friends, today is day 95 of our new and amazing life !

What a blessed day today was !

I can’t even start to explain how grateful and blessed I am.

Today as usual I called the hospital to get the morning update and her nurse was in the room with Charlie once she answered. Of course Charlie asked to speak with me , so the morning update was given to me by Charlie:) , she told me that she had a very good night of sleep, her pain is under control, she also told me that they would redo her feeding tube , since her current one was clogged, that was the morning update.

This morning I had a mission to accomplish, I had to get a mini fridge for Charlie Room, I was grateful for the permission to bring a fridge with drinks into her ICU room, I had to drive to 3 different stores to find the perfect mini fridge that small enough and that would make her drinks cold enough, so I found it at the Walmart in Ruckersville.

Here is Charlie’s drinks list:

Mini cans of Dr. Pepper , 7 Up , Coke. Whole Milk, Real Orange Juice, flavored Sparkling water and a special treat, edible raw cookie dough.

I know that is unusual for an ICU patient, but by now we all know , there is nothing usual about Charlie’s recovery:)

Today was also a blessed day on our business, I can absolutely see God’s blessing in all aspects of our lives. I am so grateful for God and his grace, I know that he has a plan for us , he is starting to show us how much he loves us, and today’s this bible verse spoke to me :

Romans 8:18

For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory that is to be revealed to us.

Charlie and are starting to have incredible conversations, we are talking about this new chapter in her recovery, the fact that she can talk and drink and eat , is giving her such a positive moral boost, Charlie is so grateful , it is incredible to hear her talking about how she is grateful to God for saving her life , how she is grateful for her friends for filling in the void while she is recovering, she is so grateful for all the donations, she is grateful for the thousands of cards that she received and continues to receive, she is so grateful for the meals been given to our family, she asked me to make sure I told you how much she appreciates all of your love and support! She also wants to thank you for your prayers, she told me that she can feel the love towards her! Thank you from Charlie !

We started to talk about the rehab phase, Charlie said that she is starting to prepare mentally, since she knows how hard it is going to be , but she told me , no matter the pain, no matter how much it will hurt, I will push and push until I have recovered as much of my mobility as possible, she told me that she needs to improve her mental toughness! I told Charlie , you are just incredible, beyond strong, and I have no doubt that you will crush it at the rehabilitation!

It is hard to explain, Charlie is back and it is surreal! Just a week ago, she was on the vent ! Now she is talking, you should see her conversations with the nurses , they gather around her bed and the conversations last 30 minutes to a whole hour! Luckily for Charlie , she has one nurse per shift exclusively for her, so they have the time to talk with her and they love her ! Charlie makes them feel so good, she gives them tips about their skin, about drinking enough water during their shift, she is quickly becoming their best friend..

Charlie is an incredible person, always thinking about others.

I wish you a good night.

May God bless you !


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