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Day 93 | DECEMBER 12, 2021

Good Evening Friends today is day 93 of our new and amazing life!

Today I took our boys to take pictures with Santa, compliments of our friends at Indian Summer Guide Services. London had such a great time, decorating cookies, petting horses and asking Santa for his Christmas gift , London and Julien both loved Santa!

I arrived at the hospital today in the afternoon, Charlie was seating at her chair and she was very excited to see me

We started to talk and Charlie asked all about the boy's visit to see Santa, she asked if Julien cried or not when he sat in Santa's lap. Julien did not cry , he was very happy to see Santa.

Few minutes into our conversation, as Charlie was talking, her voice came through!

I was in absolute shock! It has been so long since I have heard Charlie’s Voice , that I was so excited to hear it! Even without the speaking valve, Charlie’s smaller trachea size allowed air to get into her vocal cords, we both had tears in our eyes! It was a surreal moment! She was saying my name “Andre” when her voice came through!

We continue our conversation with some words being projected by her voice, but mostly still just via lip reading.

After couple hours in the chair, we watched some tv, and Charlie was placed back in her bed , at that time we continue to talk , Charlie asked me what gift we would be giving to her doctors and nurses upon her discharge, and we also talked about my visit to the fire house to meet her rescuers, and Charlie nurse entered her room shortly after we started our conversation, and that is when Charlie’s voice came through once again, and this time her nurse heard it!

She could not contain her excitement! She ran towards Charlie and said, I can’t believe I just heard your voice ! Charlie, this is so amazing! And she started to cry, so as Charlie , they are both crying and looking at each other ! The nurse tells Charlie , you are a miracle! I can’t believe that you are talking, when just 3 months ago, when you arrived and we were not sure you would make it!

Their exchange, was so raw and beautiful, her nurse showed such humanity towards Charlie, as Charlie went on to tell her nurse, of her memories when she arrived at the hospital, how she was taken to a washroom, and there was 20 plus people on it, doctors and nurses, Charlie went into a lot of details about her first few hours at the hospital, her nurse just could not believe that she remembered it ! She said most patients can't or don’t remember their first weeks at the hospital!

It was incredible to see such an emotional moment between Charlie and her nurse , it was just beautiful!

Charlie is starting to see how much positive impact she is having on her medical team, one by one her nurses are letting Charlie know how much she is inspiring them, and how much they love her ! It is a genuine and beautiful connection they are building with Charlie!

Tomorrow, Charlie will have her first consultation with speech , they will install her voice valve and we already know she can talk

I am hoping that soon, they will start the drinking training, because Charlie is dreaming of liquids. As she tells me , she is obsessed with the idea of drinking a liquid:)

Today was an amazing day!

I am so grateful, Charlie is in a very happy mood, she is stable , no infection, she is healing very well.

I hope you had a blessed and happy Sunday like ours.

May God Bless You!


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On Friday, September 10th, Charlie Anne Xavier was in a horrific and life-changing accident. Though she’s surprising her doctors and nurses daily with her incredible strength and resilience, this road to recovery will be an incredibly long one. 

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