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Day 88 | DECEMBER 07, 2021

Good Evening Friends, today is day 88 of our new and amazing life !

Wow, what an incredible response yesterday's post had.

Thank you, I was not expecting it.

I appreciate all your words of support, the purpose was to make clear that I am not a perfect husband and I wanted to keep my journal as honest as possible, I also want to bring attention to how the grace of God and the right mindset can take a broken person and transforms into someone amazing, and you are witnessing this very transformation with me in real time, it is also a way to keep me accountable.

Today I felt light , I was at peace knowing that I remained honest within myself .

When I arrived at the hospital, Charlie was sleeping. She did not get much rest last night. Around 2 am last night, Charlie's heart rate and blood pressure were elevated and they placed her back into the ventilator .

They believe the reason for her change was due to anxiety, and Charlie did confirm that she felt anxious, I told her that most of the time anxiety comes from fear, and I asked her if she had any fears in her mind, to which she replied , I don’t want to talk about it, I just said be sure to talk about tomorrow at therapy and changed subject.

Yes, fear is probably taking space in Charlie’s mind, I can relate and understand those feelings, they are valid and Charlie will have to process the same and even more feelings in her own journey. We are together and on this journey yet we have two different experiences.

I will pray and ask for your prayers for Charlie to have a peaceful night. She will be placed back on the ventilator at 10pm as a precaution, but hopefully she will improve tomorrow and once again try to stay off the ventilator for good .

Yes, we did have a little hold on her ventilator freedom , but I will not take it as a step back, just a momentary hold.

Besides our initial conversation, Charlie was happy to see me , and she asked for pictures of the boys , she was able to share with me that she is sad to see Julien growing up so fast, and those months she lost she will not get back, and I agreed with her and I assured her that she has all the right to grief her lost time , but to keep in mind that our future is promising, I did told her that she will have to make a choice between living in the past, and being sad or look into the future and be grateful, and she will have to make that choice.

Charlie is very aware of her situation and she is choosing to be positive, but she still has a lot to process and I can only be at her side, I am not going to be able to make any decisions on her behalf in regards to her mind.

This coming Friday Charlie will have a visit to the OR to take down the CEA into its vail, and also to replace the few allografts left on her legs, and after that her next CEA surgery is tentatively scheduled for 12/28.

This next surgery will provide coverage for her entire wounded body!

That is right !

However, she will have to endure 1 more maybe 2 more CEA surgeries, to replace the areas that did not take, the good news Charlie has a very small percentage of areas that did not take , making her one of the highest success rate for Epicel, they average 75% take now, but Charlie average is at 87% so far.

I am being very cautious, but I can start to see the light at the end of the ICU tunnel. We still have some ground to cover , but we are getting close.

Thank you for your continued support and prayers.

May God bless you !


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