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Day 84 | DECEMBER 03, 2021

Good Evening Friends, today is day 84 of our new and amazing life!

Today Charlie endured a 6 hours long surgery, and Thank God and her medical team all went well ! They were able to cover both of her arms and hands, chest and also her scalp, to help her heal faster then m her donor site, I am so grateful for her doctors decision to use two incredible technologies together, Epicel (CEA) and Recell that will help her heal faster and better, Charlie remained stable during her surgery and her Doctor was very pleased with the outcome, he has tentatively scheduled her next CEA surgery to December, 28 .

I can officially say that we have crossed the halfway mark of her hospital stay! It is a huge and miraculous milestone, I am beyond grateful to God, her medical team and you ! Your prayers are powerful! Our faith combined with a positive mindset and the love and support of so many people, is the reason why Charlie is alive and will come home to her kids !

Today’s visit is the one that I just seat next to her bed and watch her sleep and rest, it used to be a very sad and depressing kind of visit, now not so much , It gives me hope to see her resting and I know that sleep equals to healing, so there is no sadness in my mind or heart today, just gratitude and hope.

I am so impressed by your amazing testimonies , on how Charlie’s story has positively impacted you !

Wow , I had no idea that my words were capable of such powerful and inspiring feelings. I had tears in my eyes reading your amazing comments, the fact that there is actual good happening is so amazing and comforting for me to know ! I am now more than ever, feeling the responsibility of giving my best when writing my journal, especially now that I know how powerful it can be!

Thank you so much for sharing it, you have no idea how good it felt to read your words, I am so grateful for you for sharing it! I appreciate you being open and vulnerable about your feelings, thank you!

At moments still hard to believe that the the life we knew, the life where we had so many things to celebrate, the life where things were so much simpler, the life where Charlie was at her happiest being the mother of two healthy little boys, was taken away without any warning, and without we have a saying, we have been given a new life, and the natural response would be one of angry, hate, and of negative , but I am thankful for my faith and my positive mindset, because I am able to choose how I reacted to this tragedy.

I chose to be grateful, I chose to be hopeful and with the grace of God , I am able to remain strong and be there for my wife and my family!

I am also grateful to have chosen to be vulnerable, because being Vulnerable gave me freedom! The freedom to feel all the feelings, negative , positive, gave me the opportunity to share my journey with thousands of people around the world, and now I know that God is using my words to touch so many in a positive way, for that I am grateful!

Yes, I feel happy today, Charlie is recovering and now we have moved one big step in the right direction. I will pray and ask God to keep his miraculous healing of my beautiful wife!

Always remember, we may not have a say on what bad things may happen to us, but we do have the choice of how to respond to it!

Claim your power back! Choose God and choose to be positive!

May God bless You!


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