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Day 81 | NOVEMBER 30, 2021

Good Evening Friends, today is day 81 of our new and amazing life!

Today was a good day.

To start this morning I had to take London to the doctor, he was climbing a tree and when he went down a branch from the tree puncture his leg, thank God it was not a very serious wound, but he is taking antibiotics and let’s hope he doesn’t develop an infection on his wound, he will be back to his normal routine, he is one tough little boy, just like his mommy

Today Charlie started a new routine. Her wound care will now start at 5:30am. The reason for this change is to allow her to be done by 10am and be available for her PT, and all the other appointments during the day. I really like this new schedule and Charlie seems to also like it.

Today on my way to the hospital, I received a call from the doctor in charge of the ENT department. He called me to discuss Charlie audiometry test results. Charlie is experiencing severe hearing loss and it is due to fluid in her ear !!! So they will drain it on Friday at the OR, it is a safe procedure and it will improve her quality of life by a lot, I had to really push hard to have this diagnosis, I even had a heated argument with one of the ENT doctors that said when he examined Charlie , she had no fluid behind his ear, I instead that he was wrong , and that we needed a second opinion, after him refusing to schedule a second opinion, I was able to escalate to his boss and we got a second opinion. The lesson is, when you know you are right, don’t ever stop until you achieve what you need or want as long as you are right , don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

Tomorrow Charlie will start her psychological care and I am so grateful for that ! To my surprise, today Charlie told me that she doesn’t not remember the accident or how she got to the hospital!!! I was not surprised to hear that , because I was told by two nurses that she would not remember much , the brain will do that as a way to protect the person from the trauma . This is the main reason why I started this journal , so she will have this to help her out the pieces together when she is ready .

We had a very good visit today. We watched Yellowstone , talked about London’s incident, and her appointment tomorrow. She was very positive today, and I am so grateful for our time today .

Thank you for your prayers and support.

May God Bless You


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