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Day 75 | NOVEMBER 24, 2021

Good Evening Friends, today is day 75 of our new and amazing life.

Today is a exciting day for the majority of our country, the day where people are traveling to see family, the day where all the amazing cooks are preparing tomorrow’s feast dishes, the day before thanksgiving, well for our family and millions of families around the world, it is a day where we start to think about our loved ones that are either at the hospital or at the cemetery, I am going to be praying for all the families that have lost loved ones recently, I have not lost Charlie , and I am beyond grateful for that, but I am going to miss her tomorrow, I already miss her cooking in our kitchen, our double oven was empty today, it is true , the holidays make it extra hard.

However, today I am feeling positive. I made some incredible progress on private personal and business matters, I also plan to speak with Charlie’s main surgeon and get an update on her overall care, I am feeling good.

When I arrived at the hospital, Charlie was finishing her wound care and I was able to enter her room shortly after, she was in good spirits as always, she never complains, just always so gracious.

Charlie was off the vent , she did 8 hours today, but she did have a fever last night and they are doing blood and respiratory cultures to see if she has an infection, let’s wait and see, she does have fluid behind her ear drum now, and that is caused by the ventilator, the patient is unable to equalize their ears , like we do when we talk, eat or drink, We are waiting to hear what is the plan of treatment. I just feel so bad for Charlie, it is always something causing her pain or discomfort.

I was able to speak with her doctor. Today's conversation was actually productive and I also learned something that I was not aware of and that will have an impact on Charlie’s overall stay, she will require 3 to 5 more CEA surgeries, not just 2 more as I initially thought!! I am still processing this new piece of information, but I can already tell you that is not good, this will add months to her stay !! More on this in the near future.

We also discussed the possibility of him downsizing her trachea collar and her ability to talk, I plead my case once again and talked about the benefits. He did say he will reconsider once again by December 3, but she needs to make some progress with her lungs, we shall see how it goes .

We also talked about me having once a week meeting or updating on Charlie’s care, he will work on a plan to make that happen.

I am grateful for him giving me his time, I am grateful for him respecting my input, and I feel like we had a positive talk, he even agreed on starting Charlie on fish oil to help with her RA with a natural supplement, for that I am grateful, he is looking into one more natural item, I will let you know if he approves it as well.

Today I told Charlie about the au pair that will be coming to help with the boys. She approved our choice. God knows how much help I will need once my family returns to Brazil, but we will be ok , I know God will provide he always does.

I am going to ask you TOMORROW, what you are grateful for this thanksgiving, TODAY, I will ask for you to think long and hard, and have your best answer ready for TOMORROW .

What I will suggest today is that , each and every single of you , to please genuinely spend quality time with your family, do tell them how much you love them, don’t assume that they know it.

Thank you for your prayers and support.

May God Bless You!


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