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Day 68 | NOVEMBER 17, 2021

Good Evening Friends, Today is day 68 of our new and amazing life ! Yes! I missed my count on my previous post , hard to keep track of time .

Today I arrived a little later at the hospital, and the reason was because Charlie air drying started around noon ,instead of the usual 7:30am.

I took advantage and work few extra hours, and boy I need that time, my business needs my attention as well

When I arrived, Charlie was very happy to see me, but she was also so tired since she had just finished her air drying, and she asked to take a nap and that she did .

Well, yesterday I was intrigued by the fact that Charlie’s Oxygen saturation was better off the ventilator , today I learned the reason for that is , they are actually giving her a little oxygen on the trachea color moisturizer tube, so that would explain that, regardless Charlie has been off the ventilator since 7:45a and is doing great!

They do intend to put her back on it overnight, but today was 12 hours vs 10 hours yesterday, just a little progress

I am really hoping that she will be off the ventilator in the next 48h , we shall see! Let’s pray for it to happen.

This coming Friday, Charlie will return to the OR, they will refresh her allografts and inspect her newest CEA skin and hopefully we will have the same result as the first application where the take was 95%!

Today we tried to watch the second episode of Yellowstone, but Charlie was too tired to stay awake , so I decided that was best for her to sleep and tomorrow we can try again. She had a busy day today.

I am so grateful for Charlie's progress in the last few days! I am counting the hours until she is off the ventilator for good, I am also so grateful for her nurses and doctors and technicians, they are doing an amazing job in caring for Charlie 24/7!

I hope that as we approach Thanksgiving, that we are all reflecting what is the true meaning of this very special Holiday, please take the time to be with Family, Friends and loved ones.

May God Bless You .


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On Friday, September 10th, Charlie Anne Xavier was in a horrific and life-changing accident. Though she’s surprising her doctors and nurses daily with her incredible strength and resilience, this road to recovery will be an incredibly long one. 

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