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Day 56 | NOVEMBER 05, 2021

Good evening Friends, Today is day 56 of our new and amazing life!

Hard to believe it is already Friday, this week went by really fast! I can credit it to a grateful heart and mind .

Charlie is doing good, she went to the OR today for her usual surgery to replace her allografts, wound care, she did really well, her CEA site is healing extremely well, and also her donor sites, something that is not as common on the majority of burn patients, Thank you God for the miraculous healing of Charlie wounds.

Today we talked about some ideas for our boys' birthdays in December. One of Charlie’s requests was for me to have professional pictures taken of Julien cake smash moments, he will be turning one . And London will be turning 5 just 2 days apart from each other.

Charlie also asked me to find a podcast that talked about a Female burn survivor, she wants to know what like is like after the hospital, Charlie’s mind is starting to wonder what life will be like for her, After a quick search I noticed how hard is to find content from female survivors with large burns, so we found an interview with the author of Flash Back Girl, she was good, but she was burned as a child, anyways, I need to do more research and find what she is looking for, but I want to find positive stories to inspire her, I pray I can find good content, it has to be positive at this stage.

Today I also had some good conversations with her doctors, and I asked them to discuss with their rheumatologist and Nutritionist and see if they have any suggestions for a natural supplement or product and even CBD oil to help with Charlie’s RA pains.

I feel like I may have open a Pandora box, I was told by few nurses that no patient has ever been given CBD oil while at this hospital, we shall see, for now I am grateful that they are open to the idea of exploring an alternative way to help her RA, since we can’t give her regular meds, I am looking forward to hear their opinions next week.

As we end this week, I would like to thank you for your support, love and prayers. Charlie's recovery is going so well, and I credit it to your prayers and her will to live and be home with her boys.

I would like to ask you to also take a look at this great auction that our friends and local community has put together to support Charlie and our family, I would greatly appreciate it if you could bid on some items or if you leave too far away, maybe share so more people know about this great event ? You can bid online or in person on November 14th at Patch Brewing Co. thank you for your generosity, see details below:

The time has come!!! The Cheers for Charlie Silent Auction is now LIVE and ready to take bids

We have some more exciting prizes and experiences to offer in the coming days, so be sure to check back before the auction closes on November 14th at 3PM.

The entire auction is available online, and while bids will only be taken in this way, all items will also be set up for in-person viewing at the Cheers for Charlie event at Patch Brewing Co starting at 11AM. We hope this allows more folks to bid so we can bring in as much as we can to support Charlie and her family

Please share, keep inviting your friends, and so much luck to you all!

**All items must be picked up from a location in Charlottesville, VA if you are not there to collect your items at the event. Details for coordinating pickup will be sent to all winners at the close of the auction.


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