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Day 51 | OCTOBER 31, 2021

Good Evening Friends, today is day 51 of our new and amazing life!

It is Halloween, one of Charlie’s favorite celebrations!

She had already picked our family costumes theme before the accident, so our boys went out as a Mime for London and a lion for baby Julien!

Thank you to my sister and brother-in-law for taking the boys' treat or trick today.

Well Sundays are always hard but also always special, because it is the day I attend Mass and experience God’s love and presence in the form of the Holy Eucharist and today’s Mass intention was for Charlie and that made it extra special for me.

When I arrived at the hospital today I was given some great news that Charlie’s blood infection is actually not an infection, they had one vial out of 4 of her blood that tested positive for an infection, so they did a second culture two days ago and it came back negative:) and her UTI is well under control and she has no symptoms at all, I am very pleased with her doctors proactive measures to prevent and treat any sign of infection right away!

Here is another example of the power of prayer and God’s work. You don’t have to believe me when I say that Charlie’s survival and healing is a miracle, but we can’t ignore the many pieces of evidence on her journey that prove God’s Miracle. I am so grateful for your prayers and for God’s mercy!

Today it is a day of gratitude, Charlie was very awake today and we had a wonderful conversation, we talked about how was she feeling lately and she told me that she is missing the boys beyond believe, she told me that she is very sad about the time she is losing with the boys, she said that she knows that she will never have that time back.

She also told me how painful her air drying time is, and how much pain she feels daily, I told her that she has the absolute right to feel this way, and no matter what words I chose to tell it would not be able to comfort or remove her pain from being away from the boys or her physical pain.

However I asked her to consider this though, just imagine if the alternative to being away from the boys, would be the one where she is not here, would be the one where she would not have survived her accident, if she could contemplate this for a second, she would miss the boys growing up, she would miss them graduating high school, she would miss seeing them fall in love for the first time, she would miss their college graduation, she would miss their wedding, and she would never meet her grandchildren!

I said, when you think about this option, that is when you can begin to see how merciful God is with us, since he miraculously saved your life, because now , you will be able to witness all of those moments, all because of your desire to live and God’s Grace!

She took a second and off course we were both crying at that moment and she said, yes!

Looking this way, I can see how grateful I will become once I am home with the boys in the next few months, but I am still here every day feeling the physical pain and the emotional pain of being away from my boys.

I am starting to understand that in order for Charlie to achieve gratitude it will take some time, she is the one in excruciating pain everyday, she is the one suffering and missing our boys daily. It would be unfair of me, to have any expectation from her in terms of her feelings, she has the right to heal at her own pace physically and mentally, I pray that God shows me the best way to support her.

I would like to share with you part of today’s sermon at my church, the priest said, to be a disciple of God, we need to provide acts of Love, and in order for an act to be considered an act of Love, it requires to either have a courage element or a element of work.

A simple example is a couple that is sleeping and their child wakes up in the middle of the night and the father wakes up and tells the mom, honey you took care of our son all day today, let me take care of him so you can rest, so the husband gets up, give the child some medicine and change his clothes and sheets, and the next morning he goes to work. His act did not require any courage, but it did require work.

What resigned with me about his is, how many times, I have the intention to do good, and how many times have I actually done an act of love, I can tell you that on this new life, I intend to be a true disciple of Christ and provide constant acts of Love to anyone in need. No more, only thoughts and prayers, this world needs action and acts of love!

Once again today, I confirm with Charlie that no matter what, giving back and helping people is the new focus of our family, as soon as Charlie heals from her wounds, we will start the work of God!

I am grateful for today and I am hopeful for our future!

May God Bless You!


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