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Day 41 | OCTOBER 21, 2021

Good Evening Friends, Today is day 41 of our new and amazing life!

As planned I went to the hospital in the morning, I arrived there by 10:15am and Charlie was awake and very happy to see me, so glad the feeling is mutual

I came bearing gifts to her, her new iPad and speaker. The hospital ensured the items were brand new and they sanitized them before I could bring them into her room, so there would be no risk of bringing any viruses or bacteria.

I explained to Charlie the 5 different non verbal communication apps that I got her to try, and she tested them for about 30 minutes, and she expressed a little frustration with it, I calmly explained to her that she would need to put in some effort and learn this new tool, since it will be months before she can use her own voice sadly, she then used one of the apps to say, yes, you are right

She was also very excited to watch a show on Amazon prime, and she was very pleased with her new speaker , since she couldn’t hear her audio book or music very well the other day, since the nebulizer machine in her room is so very loud. So today we improved her living conditions, she is also having to learn to use her left hand, she has much more mobility and less burns on her left hand in comparison to her right, she is right-handed, another learning curve for her to overcome, and I am sure she will.

Our visit today was short, because right at noon her doctor come in and decided that was time for her first dressing change and air time for her CEA skin, and as mentioned before I can’t be in there during that time, they try to minimize the number of people in her room besides the doctors and nurses, but the good news is Charlie’s CEA grafts are looking very good, just how they want to see it , and Charlie was able to dry for the full 4 hours! I didn’t know but a lot of patients can only do it for maybe 2 hours, because it is actually painful and the patient can’t move, but off course Charlie would give her best and ace it! You go Charlie !

As I was getting ready to leave, I saw her doctor so I went on to tell him about the non verbal communication apps, and I told him about telling Charlie that would take two months or so before she could talk, well today her doctor I guess was not in a positive mood, and he said, well if she is discharged to rehab in 3 months, it will be very fast , just don’t count on it, I was taken back for a second , since he was the one that gave me the timeline that I was talking about, he went on to say, this would only happen if nothing went wrong with the CEA graphs, I politely told him, ok I understand , but you can rest assure that I will pray for her to be discharged within the 3 months or even sooner , he kind of smile and said, well she is indeed ahead of the curve, and I said we shall see… One thing I can give him credit for is for consistency, he is always the worst case scenario type of doctor.

I am now very determined to have Charlie healing just like she has, free of infection and surprising doctors day after day.

I will pray and I ask you to join me in prayer, God Will keep Charlie free of infection!

Today our visit was short, but I am pleased since now she has a way to entertain herself and also hopefully communicate, I also spoke with the hospital psychologist and she will see Charlie next week.

I remain grateful and excited about this new phase of Charlie’s Care. I am aware of her risk of infection and still of life, but I am no longer scared and I am very grateful and hopeful that Charlie's trajectory will continue to go up!

She has all of us praying and sending her good thoughts and energy!

Thank you for your continued support , love and generosity.

If you haven’t done it yet, I would appreciate it if you could visit one of our fundraising sites, either the Go fund me or the Custom ink shirts, they both could use a boost from the new and old friends in here .

Thank you and May God Bless You!


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