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Day 39 | OCTOBER 19, 2021

Good evening Friends, today is day 39 of our new and amazing life.

Today was an incredible day!

The day I had dreamed over the last 3 weeks! It’s finally here and it is even better than what I have imagined!

Charlie's surgery went exceptionally well according to her doctor, he said he was able to cover a larger area than he initially expected, and Charlie did very well during the long surgery, it lasted almost 7 hours.

The really exciting part is when they pulled off the allografts, the wound bed was in absolutely perfect shape! Textbook perfect! That will increase the success of the CEA!

They were able to cover a large portion of her right side, and they harvested her own skin from her right upper arm and upper back.

Charlie was awake when I arrived at her room around 2:30p and she was in pain, her donor sites are very painful, since it is such a superficial injury they are very painful.

Today Charlie did ask for more pain meds , and she is now very comfortable. They have her a non opioid pain medication and it is working very well in addition to her regular medication.

Today is a joyful day for our family, the fact that Charlie now is in the reconstruction stage is of so much joy, she no longer has a ventilator machine in her room, she is on very little medication, besides the pain medication and feeding, she is stable and able to regulate all her levels , she is just doing so well clinically speaking.

More good news , she now will only have surgeries every 3 weeks or so, allowing her body to rest and heal, the marathon of daily surgeries that was so debilitating ,but Charlie did so well is behind her , now I am looking forward for visits where she can be alert and comfortable between surgeries every 3 weeks or so.

Today’s surgery was number 22, just incredible to think about how many surgeries she has endured. Charlie is so strong !

The Epicel representatives are just amazed by Charlie’s recovery and her healing to this point, they are very excited about her outcome and recovery, I am so thankful for their product!

I am now looking forward to this next phase, our visits will be shorter and later in the afternoon, because during the Epicel air drying time of 4 hours, I can’t be in the room but I am ok with that, her healing is way more important. And I will be there in the afternoons!

I am so grateful to God, he is operating an incredible miracle ! From saving Charlie’s life from the flames, to protecting her from infection, and for her fast and almost supernatural healing! I can’t wait for this next phase .

I remain in prayer and I ask you to please continue to pray for Charlie in this next phase. Epicel is very frail and sensitive to infection in the first days after the application.

Thank you so much for your help and support and prayers!

I am humbled and grateful for all the support that we have received from so many people!

Maybe God Bless You !


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