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Day 362 | SEPTEMBER 07, 2022

Good evening, Friends. Today is day 362 of our new and fantastic life!

I had difficulty staying asleep last night; I have a lot on my mind; I am excited and anxious about the book, wondering what you will think about it since there are many things I have never written about here.

I was out of bed by 7 am, and like I’m our regular school days, I got the boys ready and headed downstairs for breakfast.

Charlie continues to work hard, and it is starting to pay off; today, she was able to close London’s Lunch box lid; she couldn’t do that last week; it is a tiny step, but it means so much to her, and to see her face when she was able to close that lid, was pure satisfaction.

She has been taking London every day to school these past few weeks, and I know how much she enjoys it!

After dropping London at school, Charlie met with a good friend to catch up, and I went to work.

Today, I worked half of my time in my regular job, and the other half was in promoting the book, and checking in orders, today I got the book manuscript approved for global distribution, so let’s hope that local book stores, Barnes and Noble will order to sell at their places.

I am so grateful for your support, and if you know anyone with a local book store or a book club that would like to host a book event, send me a message; I would be interested in arranging that for when I return from Brazil.

Talking about the book, I know several of you have started to read the book; I would be curious to know what chapter you are in now. Just be careful not to spoil the book, just the chapters name, please

I started to read the text from the beginning during breakfast, and It was almost like it was my first time reading the book; since I wrote the first chapters so long ago, I am now in the chapter called “Shaved “it brought me back in time to read about what we have lived through, it is kind of surreal.

I want to thank you for your kindness with your words; I appreciate your honesty when sharing that you will miss my daily journal entries; I, too, will miss your encouraging words.

I hope you sign up for our blog; I will post not daily but somewhat often.

I will continue to share with you over the next few days what I will be doing with my writing; indeed, it is therapeutic to me, I have some ideas, and I will share them with you before I stop posting daily.

Thank you for your support and prayers.

I will ask that you share this link with your friends, we are starting to see orders from outside of this group, and that is because some of you are sharing the content; thank you!

Here is a link to where you can order the book


If you already placed an order, thank you, now please share the link with a friend:)

Tomorrow! The Kindle version will appear on your devices. Thank you so much for your patience! I can’t wait for both versions to be out!

Have a good night, and May God bless you!


The sweet moment Bluey let Julien touch him for the first time was so adorable and innocent.

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Leigh Ghorley
Leigh Ghorley
08 sep. 2022

Good afternoon! I thoroughly enjoyed the book! I read the book in less than 24 hours. It was so hard to put down. I can’t imagine the suffering you went through to watch the love of your life suffer. My hearts breaks for you both. May God continue to bless you with the smallest of miracles as well as the biggest.

Leigh Ghorley

Charlie and Julien .jpeg

Cheering on Charlie. 

On Friday, September 10th, Charlie Anne Xavier was in a horrific and life-changing accident. Though she’s surprising her doctors and nurses daily with her incredible strength and resilience, this road to recovery will be an incredibly long one. 

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