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Day 359 | SEPTEMBER 04, 2022

Good evening, Friends. Today is day 359 of our new and fantastic life!

Last night we had planned to go to Mass in person, but when we woke up this morning, we had a change of plans.

I woke up with a sore throat and Julien with a runny nose, so London’s cold has spread to all of us boys.

To ensure that we don’t keep spreading the germs (so far, no positive COVID test), we decided to stay home and watch the mass online.

Since we were now staying in, I finally decided to face my office, which I had been avoiding for almost a year.

I am horrified ever to show a picture of what looked like this morning; think of paper stacks everywhere, desk, floor, window seal about; I have ADD, and being organized is a challenging task for me, but I genuinely love being ADD, for me, it is like a superpower, I am capable of doing many things, almost simultaneously, this is how I was able to write and publish a book while doing several other things at the same time, so for anyone out here with ADD or ADHD, you have a superpower! Don’t let yourself forget that.

I first enlisted the help of London; I gave him the task of tearing old checks and putting the paper in a bag; well, he lasted 7 minutes at the job before telling me his legs were hurting. I told him that I appreciated his help and that he could go on to play with his toys, Julien came in shortly after London left, and Julien loved to work; seriously, he wanted to help and did help me for over 45 minutes! I was amazed:)

After 4 hours, I am proud to say that I am halfway through cleaning my office; tomorrow, I am confident I will finish this daunting task.

Charlie had a good day; she watched Alice in wonderland with London and took him to the playground; Julien was a little too contagious to be out and about.

London loves hanging out with Bluey, and they are becoming best buddies; Julien wants to pet the cat, but Bluey is not a big fan of baby Julien now; I can understand why.

Charlie and I are having an enjoyable evening, watching a game of thrones as I refill her weekly pills.

I am just amazed to see the book orders being fulfilled; thank you so much for your orders!

We had a very blessed Sunday! Thank you, God!

Have a blessed evening, and May God Bless You!


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