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Day 354 | AUGUST 30, 2022

Good evening, Friends. Today is day 354 of our new and fantastic life.

I overslept this morning, so breakfast was rushed; Charlie took London to school. I headed to a busy day at work. Today I received the final edit version of our book manuscript, now to the typesetter and as planned, to be published by 9/10, on the first anniversary of the accident that changed our lives forever.

Charlie had an enjoyable day; after dropping London at school, she and our nanny took Bluey to the vet; he has an inflamed bladder and poor kitty, he is now on antibiotics, and we are hoping that he will feel better soon.

He has access to clean water on the two floors, and his litter is cleaned daily.

After the vet appointment, Charlie went to have lunch with her friends at the Dairy Market; she loved seeing her friends, which gave her a sense of normalcy.

In the afternoon, it was time to bake cupcakes, Charlie was guided by telling the kids, and with the help of our nanny, the recipe for her cupcakes they baked for London’s friends in the neighborhood to wish them an excellent first day of school.

Before the accident, Charlie was always baking multiple times a week, and she would take her baked goods to our friends and neighbors. She loves to bake.

Before dinner, we took the boys outside for a moment, and because of the rain, few frogs were out, Charlie is obsessed with frogs, and now London is just like her, so he picked up a cute little frog. It is incredible to see Charlie teaching our sons about nature and animals, she can’t use her hands, but she can use her words and guide them.

Dinner was delicious made by me, scalloped potatoes and meatballs with Salad.

I am grateful for another blessed day.

Please continue to pray for us. We need to continue to be strong; we are still adjusting to our new life, and some aspects are more challenging than others; we need to focus on the many gifts God has given us.

Have a Good Night, and May God Bless You.


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