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Day 342 | AUGUST 18, 2022

Good evening, Friends. Today is day 342 of our new and fantastic life.

Today the day started as usual; by the time I got the boys downstairs, it was the time I got the text; our nanny would not come in today due to a personal matter.

Luckily Charlie’s Aunt was here and could help me in the morning while I worked, but at 3 pm, I had to stop working and take over the care of the boys.

Charlie had a busy day; she went to PT and to walk 568 feet. She sent me a cute text that said, do you remember how excited we were when I walked 12 steps!!! It is incredible how far she has come!

It is even more impressive because Charlie is not feeling too well. She is dealing with withdrawal symptoms as she reduces her pain meds; it is not an easy process; please pray for Charlie; she needs to remain strong during this challenging process.

Charlie is powerful. Each day, she pushes herself; she is an inspiration to me; when I think I have it hard with the boys, I think again.

When I came up at 3 pm, I took the boys to the pool, and we had a blast! The biggest surprise was baby Julien, who was scared of the water; today, he was all about the water!

The three of us had such a good time in the pool!

After she wound care, Charlie wanted to go on a little shopping trip, Her Aunt and she went to Marshal’s; Charlie always loved to find a good deal, and they had fun shopping.

I am so glad that Charlie could take some time to do something that she enjoys, I stayed back with the boys, and we ate Pizza; after the shower, the boys were in bed by 8 p!

I am so blessed to have the flexibility to be with the boys when needed, and it is incredible to see how fast Julien is growing. London is the sweetest big brother.

I bathed both boys, changed them into PJs, and brushed their teeth. I remembered that I needed to get Julien’s bottle of milk, so I told London to stay in his room with Julien, and I ran downstairs to get the bottle; when I got back into the room, London was reading a book to Julien in bed, just the cutest moment ever, below is the picture of that moment.

Today was a good day, it started with an unexpected change, but it ended with an incredible day filled with happy moments and loving fun!

I am so grateful to God that our new life is not easy, but it is full of beautiful moments!

Thank you for your support and prayers!

May God Bless You!


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