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Day 330 | AUGUST 06, 2022

Good evening, Friends. Today is day 330 of our new and fantastic life!

Today the boys decided to be easy on my second day on the job :); when my alarm went off at 6:50a, neither of them was awake, so I jumped in the shower, and when I could out, Julien was just starting. To wake up, perfect timing!

I changed Julien's diaper and went to wake London up, but he asked to sleep in just a little longer; I said no problem, come downstairs when you are ready.

He came downstairs within 15 minutes; I prepared a delicious breakfast for all of us, egg and cheese sandwiches made with love.

Charlie joined us before we finished our sandwiches, and it was a great breakfast.

We had a lazy morning, watching cartoons with the boys; Charlie enjoyed each moment with her boys.

Lunchtime came fast today, and luckily for me, we still had some leftovers from vovó fantastic food, so besides London, we all ate the pieces, and they were delicious.

Shortly after lunch, I took Julien upstairs for his nap time.

I took advantage of his nap time, ran some errands, and went to the pharmacy to pick up some of Charlie's prescriptions.

Charlie stayed back with London, and they played some board games.

Upon my return, it was almost time to leave for our afternoon activity; the boys and I planned to go to the Albemarle County Fair.

Around 3:30p, Julien was still asleep; I decided to wake him up; oh boy, he was mad! He didn’t like being awake; he was ready to go after a few minutes of protest.

London, Julien, and I made our way to the Fair; Julien is so adorable; he loves to dance when music is playing .

Charlie stayed back since the Fair was on a field with grass, not a safe combination for her 500 pounds chair; she did her shower and wound care while we were away.

The boys had a good time at the Fair; London ran to the tractor ride, and Julien was fascinated by the Bees’ display.

London went from the tractor into the bounce house, and he was there for a while; we also saw the chicken, pigs, lamb, and cows; they loved all the animals.

They even had cotton candy.

We returned home just before the rain, and it was time to make dinner.

I chose an easy and quick Kings Hawaiian rolls ham and cheese, a super delicious and easy recipe; Charlie used to make it often, and I love it! Today was my turn to make it.

Charlie approved, but she had some tips to share with me.

I had a late bath and bedtime start today, and it is ok; today, I had a regular day for most moms, but boy, it felt like I ran a marathon; I needed to get used to this new role; I knew it who'd be challenging, but I now know it is very hard, I am asking God for guidance, patience, and strength.

I am humbled by the strength Charlie, and all moms have; God, it is not easy, and you do it with a smile, May God Bless You for your example of fortitude!

Tonight, I am going to bed tired but so grateful for having Charlie by my side; all the changes are worth it because she is here with us!

Almost forgot! Vovo is safe at her home! She thanks all of your kind words towards her!

Thank you for your continued support and your book orders!

Have a good night! May God Bless You.


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