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Day 328 | AUGUST 04, 2022

Good evening, Friends. Today is day 328 of our new and fantastic life!

Today I was up at 7 am; Julien was ready to start his day; I got both boys ready and headed downstairs for breakfast; Vovo was told to focus on making her bags, and I handled the kids alone as I was going to be doing once, she leaves.

We had breakfast and by 7:40 am, I was back upstairs and placed both boys in my bedroom and turned on the TV for an episode of Blue; while I took a shower to all mothers out here, I salute you for being able to shower while taking care of the kids! Not an easy task (for me).

By 8 am, we were back downstairs, and by that time, Vovo and Charlie had joined us.

Charlie and I played with the boys for an hour until our wonderful Nanny arrived.

I headed to work while Charlie, Vovo, and the boys enjoyed the last hours with Vovo!

London was lovely and told Vovo how much he loved her!

Poor Baby Julien probably doesn't understand that Vovo is going away; in a way, it is better this way; he Loves Vovo so much that it would hurt to know that she is leaving.

We all had lunch together, and soon it was time for me to take Vovo to the airport; the goodbyes were hard for me; I had to say goodbye too many times. As an immigrant, leaving the ones you love behind when coming to a new country is hard.

Charlie did something unique and sweet to Vovo; she walked using the walker from her bedroom into our Kitchen and gave Vovo the biggest of hugs! It was so inspiring to see Charlie pushing herself too hard.

London and Julien also gave vovo hugs and kisses, and Vovo could not hold her tears back, nor could Charlie.

Our lovely neighbors came by to wish VoVo a safe trip and to say goodbye.

By 4:30 pm, we headed to Richmond airport somehow; I didn't realize how close the airport was to the VCU hospital; that is the same drive I have done for almost six months daily to Charlie.

I helped Vovo with her bags at the ticket counter, and at that moment, we were informed that Vovo's flight was being canceled!! Oh no!

Well, the agent at the United Counter was so kind and genuinely tried to help, so we ended up rebooking Vovo's flight to early tomorrow afternoon, with a long layover in Chicago airport.

Instead of being upset, Vovo and I just smiled and, well, one more day with the boys:)

We made our way home, arriving just in time to put the boys in bed.

After they were both asleep, Charlie, Vovo, and I enjoyed a light dinner and a great conversation tomorrow; we will try again; please pray that Vovo's flights depart tomorrow!

Sorry for the late post; we had so much to discuss.

Thank you for all the love for my birthday and Vovo!

Have a good night, and May God Bless You!


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