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Day 32 | OCTOBER 12, 2021

Good Evening Friends, today is day 32 of our new and amazing life.

Today Charlie underwent her surgery number 20 and all went well. Thank you God.

Her surgeon told me that he is beyond pleased with her healing progress, he said that she is actually healing better than he expected:) That is so good to hear!

Today they worked mostly on her legs and feet, replacing all the allografts and did the wound care on the other parts of her body.

Another piece of good news is that her neck is healing so well by itself , that no skin graft will be needed , and as of today , no dressings is needed to cover it , another incredible healing in God’s name.

As I arrived at the hospital today, I was approached by the chief nurse , and she wanted to give me heads up about next week, since Charlie will be getting the CEA application on Tuesday, she wanted to let me know that on Monday, they will try to move Charlie into to a new room, that will be specially sanitized , with a new bed , to accommodate her after her surgery on Tuesday, the level of precautions after the CEA application is just incredible, they asked me to removed all the cards down from her wall, since on her new room , she can’t have any cards up, the reason is the cards can collect dust. And the large pictures will be allowed in the new room , but they will be wiped with the cleaning solution and wrapped in plastic.

Starting on Tuesday, Charlie will only have 1 nurse caring for her per shift, to avoid any possible cross contamination from other patients, they will also wear a complete body suit , to once again minimize the possibility of infection, Epicel is extremely fragile and infection is a real possibility, so they have incredible protocols in place .

Charlie will have to air dry her CEA skin, 4 hours a day ,and at this point, I am not sure if I will be allowed in the room during the air drying session. But I will be ok if I am not allowed , since I will do anything to ensure Charlie’s healing .

When I started to take the cards down from the wall tonight , I had mixed feelings, the first was , how sad we still receiving cards but they won’t be up, but I quickly felt a weird kind of joy, it was almost as if we were getting ready to pack and go home, but not yet, however we are moving into the next phase of her journey, the reconstruction, we will be leaving the Acute state

I am just in disbelief that we are now starting to really talk about her physiotherapy, and her mobility, when 25 days ago, we were talking about her possibility of survival. I am just in disbelief, the idea of Charlie being discharged from the hospital into the rehab seems so real and it is coming in the near future.

I am so grateful for God’s mercy, and how much has Charlie improved in the last 32 days! It is just unbelievable! It almost feels like a dream at times.

As I sit here by Charlie’s side and I start to reflect on our future life, I am starting to see how much support I will have to provide her with, her rehabilitation sessions will be very painful and frustrating, I just pray and hope that I can provide her the support that she needs when she needs.

The other thought that comes thru my mind is my love towards Charlie , as I look back to the last 13 years of marriage, it is just amazing how each year that passed, our love would just grow towards each other, and with this tragedy, our love has achieved a never imagined level , I think we have now arrived at the unconditional love stage in our marriage.

Charlie is an incredible human being, generous, positive and the best mother and an incredible wife and friend. I feel so blessed to be at her side , and I can’t wait to the day I will bring her home. I am dreaming of this day.

Today I would like to share with you the second product the doctors are using on Charlie’s arms in addition to Epicel, this product is called Integra , here is their website

Tomorrow at 12:30pm I will be streaming Cheering on Charlie a Live show that I will be doing an interview on , feel free to ask me questions on the live stream, the name of the show is I Love Cville with Jerry Miller.

I will talk about Charlie’s incredible journey, so it is a great opportunity to ask me questions. I will only be brief about the details of the accident since it is still under investigation by our insurance company.

But I will be able to give some answers to many of your questions. I hope to see you tomorrow at 12:30pm.

As always , thank you for your love and generosity, May God Bless you.


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