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Day 314 | JULY 21, 2022

Good evening, Friends; today is day 313 of our new and fantastic life!

Today my day started as usual, get the boys ready, brushed their teeth, fed them breakfast, and at 9 am, our Nanny arrived, and I could get to work.

Charlie and I talked this morning for a few minutes, and we were talking about how we wished the hand surgeon would come to see her; as we were talking, there entered Charlie's room, Dr. Hand Surgeon.

He was pleasant and objective; he started by telling Charlie that her left hand could benefit from a nerve block to allow the hand therapist to manipulate her hand to regain her range of motion. He also told Charlie that, sadly, her right hand he didn't see a safe way to perform surgery; he didn't think that surgery would be successful and it could cause more damage.

We were both in shock when he said that; how is that possible that surgery would not offer any improvement to her deformed right hand? He finished his consult.

When he left, Charlie and I just looked at each other, and we said, that is a lot to process; let's take some time and talk about it later.

I was a little sad and couldn’t concentrate much on work after that, so around 3 pm, I left to see Charlie.

When I arrived there, she had already gotten the block done on her left arm, and we started to talk about the Doctors opinion; we both agreed that if he were right, it would be devastating news, but before I accepted, I needed to have a second opinion, and I started my research for the best hand surgeons in the country.

I am praying to God that he will show me where to look, and I am trusting that we will find a surgeon that can help Charlie's hand; it is not easy to accept that she will lose the ability to use her dominant right hand, it is my duty as her advocate to find her the best possible chance to regain some of her mobility!

I will ask for your prayers; we need God’s comfort and wisdom.

Thank you, and have a good night.


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