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Day 310 | JULY 17, 2022

Good evening, Friends, today is day 310 of our new and amazing life!

Last night I went to bed with a massive headache, and this morning I still had it, so around 9am I dragged myself out of bed, ate breakfast, helped my mom with the boys’ breakfast, took headache medication and went back to bed until noon!

Sadly, I devoted my entire morning to healing my headache, and I am good with what I did because it worked!

I want to apologize for my short journal entry last night, I could barely open my eyes with the pain.

So, before I talk about today, let’s continue with last night's post, since so much more happened.

During my visit with Charlie, her surgeon stopped by and gave us a very detailed report of her surgery, he explained the trouble they had in getting her breathing tube in, he said they observed a narrowing in her tracheae, and after 1 hour trying, they succeeded, but he will Charlie checked this week and see what May have caused such narrowing, since it was not there last week. He also mentioned that they had to change her central line, from her left side of her neck, to the right side, because the blood cultures took from the left line, presented some sort of bacterial infection, but they were unable to access her right side due to some sort of blockage, so they had to go into her groin region, but he also said, he wants to get her off the central line as soon as possible, since it is just a matter of time for that line become a source of infection.

Besides all the challenges, he was able to not only cover the open wounds, but he also grafted two areas that the skin was very fragile, so he did an amazing job!

He also added two vacuum pumps to keep the grafts on her buttocks dry and free of moisture, providing the best possible healing environment.

Now for future medical procedures, he said that Charlie will be able to get some laser treatments on her neck, to improve the range of motion and also the appearance of her scars, Charlie is really excited with the laser treatments! It is very impressive how beneficial it can be!

She is also waiting for a visit from the hand surgeon, to discuss what kind of surgery he will perform on her right hand, and sometime soon the block and manipulation of her left hand.

Yes, a lot is going to be happening, but overall, we have good news!

Today Charlie was in good spirits, her pain level continued to get better, and she enjoyed seeing the boys playing outside for a little while today. She also took advantage and got caught up with her prayers and meditation.

Tonight, after dinner, Charlie is going to distract herself with her TV shows, and I will do the same, just a little distraction after a fun day with the boys.

I also want to encourage all the new friends to please take a look at our blog,

And if you haven’t done so yet, still time to reserve your book at the Pre-sale price!

Thank you for all your prayers, love and support!

Keep the cards coming, Charlie loves to see the cards and hear the positive messages, here is the address in case you would like to send a card:

Att: Charlie Anne Xavier.


Evans-Haynes Burn Center

Critical Care Hospital, 8th Floor

1213 E. Clay St.

Richmond, VA 23298

Thank you so very much!

May God bless You!


I asked Charlie to send me a selfie for tonight’s post:) she just looks so cute with her head wrapped 😉

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