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Day 305 | JULY 12, 2022

Good evening, Friends, today is day 305 of our new and amazing life!

Today our morning started as usual, and around 7:50am, I didn't hear from Charlie, so I called and she answered.

She was getting ready for her procedure at the roadshow, at that time, they were suspecting that she could have COVID, the test was still pending, Charlie was feeling very sleepy and in pain.

The doctors are working with the possibility of some sort of infection, they drew labs this morning, and they showed a normal panel, nothing to indicate an infection.

I went to work and had a productive morning. Around lunch time, I called to check on Charlie. She had returned from her procedure and was in pain as usual, but the doctors inspected her wounds and allografts and all looked good, no sign of topical infection.

By that time her COVID test was back and it was negative! It was a relief because she was positive, she would be in isolation.

This afternoon once one of our mom friends gave us a huge break, she picked up both boys and took them for a fun afternoon.

VoVo needed the break, she was able to rest, her vertigo still affecting her on and off.

When the boys got back around 6pm, they were happy! They had so much fun!

I took Julien to take a bath, and after feeding both boys dinner, I got London to take a shower.

Today I was the one putting Julien to bed, and boy he didn’t go down easy, I rocked him to sleep from 8pm until 9:40pm, he would refuse to go to his crib, every time I tried, he would cry.

I am drained, it took every ounce of patience I have to keep rocking him for almost 2 hours.

He finally went down after so many tries.

We are still waiting to find out what is affecting Charlie, she is extremely tired, cold and hot, and super aches.

The doctors are holding off on the antibiotics until they can find more evidence of an actual infection, but for now, we don’t have an answer.

It is frustrating, but I am doing my best to not become frustrated with myself. Tomorrow is a new day and we will know more than we did today.

I will pray to God that Charlie will feel better by tomorrow.

Today the hand surgeon took a look at Charlie’s hands during the roadshow, and tomorrow he will come by to talk with Charlie, let’s see what he has to tell us.

We will pray for good options for her hands.

Thank you for your support, and a reminder to order your copy of our book.

Have a good night and God May bless you!


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