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Day 301 | JULY 08, 2022

Good evening, Friends, today is day 301 of our new and amazing life!

Oh, baby Julien, once again I was up at 4am to put him back to sleep, this time he didn’t go back until 5:30am.

When that happens and London doesn't have school, I can try to get more sleep by waking up at 8am.

Charlie did call me at 6:30a to say that she was going into the OR at that time, and I was very happy to see her smiling face, it is always nice to say I love you, before your loved one goes into surgery.

I made a special breakfast for the boys! London has been asking for cinnamon rolls, and today was the day I made it for breakfast:)

Charlie’s surgery started early and lasted longer than we expected, Charlie was not finished until around 1pm.

Thank God I didn’t feel nervous or anxious today, but I was very relieved when I got a call from the OR nurse telling me that all went well and that Charlie was breathing on her own.

I had a busy and productive day at work, and the time went by fast, I talked with Charlie and she was in a good amount of pain, but as usual she was just her happy self, we talked with her surgeon and he was pleased with the surgery, he replaced all allograft ( cadaver skin ) and also excised the openings, none of them were ready for the autograft ( her own donor skin) , the main purpose of the allografts is to stimulate the wound bed to produce granular tissue and to provide the best possible set up for the autograft to succeed.

The reason for today's delay was because her surgeon worked on her alone, normally they have two surgeons.

Now we wait until the next procedure to check the wound bed, tentatively it could happen next Tuesday and only after that we will know when the autograft will take place, sadly it takes time and we have to be patient, and pray that Charlie doesn’t develop any infection.

We are also waiting on the hand surgeon to consult with Charlie, sadly her left hand now is showing signs of scar contraption and if they don’t intervene very soon, she could lose mobility in that had as well, which would be devastating for her.

I kindly ask you to pray that God guide her surgeons to act quickly and with certainty, Charlie can’t lose mobility in both hands.

Besides this very scary future ahead of us, we choose to really focus on now, we have so much to be grateful for, and this evening we had a great time talking over video as a family, and the cutest thing happened, Charlie said, oh look at you guys? Let me take a picture, baby Julien without anyone saying anything started to smile for the picture, and Charlie was able to capture it, look at how cute!

Today we are grateful for our family, we are grateful for you, your prayers and generosity are so amazing!

Please continue to donate, purchase your shirt, reserve your book, and pray.

We appreciate and need all of your help.

Thank you and May God bless You!


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