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Day 300 | JULY 07 2022

Good evening, Friends, today is day 300 of our new and amazing life!

Wow, it is hard to believe that we have reached 300 days into this new life and I also can’t believe that I have been writing for that long and I can’t also believe that so many of you have been following us since day 1! Thank you!

Today I woke up early, 6:10am, I was anxious, I texted Charlie to find out if she knew if she had an OR assigned, as I waited for her reply, my mind started to race, for a moment I reverted back to the early days when her daily surgeries terrified me, the fear was real.

It is incredible what time and experience can do for us, in my case, I have learned that I must turn down my expectations, and my desire to control the situation, I am able to remain calm and wait, it is not easy, but it is necessary, within 5 minutes, Charlie replied back and said, not yet.

I hopped in the shower right before baby Julien woke up, and I left London in bed. He came over to my room at 2am, after having a nightmare, poor London.

By 7:30a I was downstairs with the boys having breakfast, and Charlie called, she wanted to see the boys before going into the OR, but as we were talking, someone walked into her room and said, well Charlie we don’t have good news, your trip to the OR has been canceled, we are just beyond busy at the hospital and we must prioritize life or death cases.

I couldn’t help but to feel this initial feeling of frustration, but very quickly we looked at each other and said, well now you can have breakfast:), we just as quickly started to talk about the positives of having her surgery moved to tomorrow, she would be the first case in the morning, she would have more time to improve the wound bed of her openings.

We managed to see the positive and not let our expectations cloud our feelings.

The day went by fast, I was super busy with work, and Charlie was also busy talking with the Burn unit staff, loss of new people that wants to meet Charlie 🙂

One of our friend’s came over and did a very sweet art project with London, they created a paper Chain, and it will work as a countdown to when Charlie will come home once again 🙂, London is so excited, to remove a link each day!

Around 5pm, I ended my work day and went upstairs. Julien was so happy to see me in London.

I took London to run some errands and also to get our bi weekly haircut. Baby Julien's hair is so thin that it is not ready to be cut yet.

We always have such a fun time, and it is one of the things that I hope he will remember as he grows up, we have been going to the same barber every two weeks since London was barely 2 years old:)

Today I was in recharge of bath and bed time, to give it a break to VoVo and also to have my time with the boys.

Julien really tested my patience today, after one and half hours of rocking him, he still was not asleep, and when he is almost falling asleep, London opens the door of Julien’s room and wakes him up! Oh God!!

I was able to remain calm, but I had to ask for Vovo help, sometimes switching arms can help the baby sleep.

Well, today was a blessed day, and I am so grateful to God and for his mercy towards us, we have learned and grown so much in the last 300 days!

I remember vividly how upset I used to get when a surgery was canceled, and now I am able to see the positive and think about the people that needed a surgery the most, the VCU OR is used by the entire hospital, not just the burn center.

The lesson I take from today is, if we can think about others when we are suffering, it makes it easier to find the positive aspects of things. The key is to not be selfish; I have to learn that the hard way.

Thank you for your prayers, let’s continue it until tomorrow.

Have a good night and May God Bless You!


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