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Day 297 | JULY 04, 2022

Good evening, Friends, today is day 297 of our new and amazing life.

Today was a good day.

I woke up at 4am with baby Julien, but I was able to get him back to sleep after changing his diaper.

I got to bed and woke up for good at 7am.

The boys were the usual handful in the morning, I am coming into terms that this is how it is going to be for a little while.

After breakfast, I sat outside on our back deck with the boys and finished my coffee as they played with their toy cars on the ramp, we have for Charlie’s chair to access the deck.

London has been easy going the last few days and I am so proud of him for being a good big brother to Julien.

We talked with Charlie today and she was happy, she was having her hair washed today, since she arrived at VCU burn unit, she can’t shower due to the skin grafts procedures, and that normally is very bothersome for Charlie, but she has not been upset or even bothered too much this time around.

Today I stayed back and spent some quality time with Julien. London had a fantastic day, thanks to our amazing friends that “adopted “him for the day and he went with their family to Keswick Vineyards 4th of July celebration!

I took advantage to really have fun with Julien and that we did, we started by playing outside, but shortly after we went out, it was lunch time.

Baby Julien is choosing cold and soft foods lately, so after his quick meal he went down for his nap.

At that time, VoVo and I had lunch together, it was great just to talk with her without any interruption, I am so grateful for my mom!

I told her, go ahead and get some rest, I will be here for when Julien wakes up.

Julien woke up around 2:30pm, and I scooped him up and we went to play downstairs. He loves cars, so we liked cars. I think we played for almost 1 hour.

Charlie had the visit of one of her favorite friends, they had such a good visit and Charlie was so grateful for her friend time!

When London arrived home around 5:30p, he was so happy, he had a lot of fun! And here is my proud moment? Our friend said that he was so respectful, kind and curious, she said to what his curiosity was so fun to watch, for me this is a huge compliment, because I really encourage curiosity in our house, I tell the boys that curiosity is the pathway to intelligence and they should always be curious 🙂

I took London to take a bath as soon as he arrived, because he needed one after such a fun day!

We had dinner, VoVo made a delicious fresh meal for us, rice, black beans and chicken breast 🙂 and shortly after it was fireworks time!

I took this opportunity to really teach London fireworks safety, sadly tonight VCU burn unit may see an influx of burn victims due to fireworks accidents, and the sad part is that most of them could have been easily prevented.

Charlie had an enjoyable day and her pain is under control.

Thank you for your continued support and prayers and also thank you for keeping our book on the best-selling list of Amazon since we launched the pre-sale!

Have a good night and May God bless You!


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