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Day 292 | JUNE 29, 2022

Good evening, Friends, today is day 292 of our new and amazing life!

Today I was up early, our amazing contractors are back to finalize the final touches in Charlie’s room and bathroom and they start working at 7am.

Today I stayed back and helped my mom with the boys. Charlie insisted that I split my time between visiting her and staying with the boys.

In the morning I did work for few hours, I had a very important meeting with a very special non-profit, we may be collaborating in the near future, Charlie is very excited about 🙂

Lunch with the boys was fun, we had cheese pizza 🙂, that is what happens when dad is left with the kids.

Charlie called around lunch time, we talked and she was in a very good mood, just radiant!

I had to ask Charlie if I may, why are you so happy the last couple days?

She gave me a huge smile and said, well let me tell you a story, well this paragraph was actually written by Charlie 🙂

“I was then taken to a pre-procedure room where I waited to be taken for surgery. I decided to take the wait time and pray and it was such an amazing and emotional experience! I was awakened in a sense because it was the first time in a very long time that I’ve had an in-depth conversation with God. I spoke to Him about how grateful I was for all that he has done for me and my family. I asked that he give me strength to overcome the anxiety and pain, to help me to remain calm, and protect me from any complications. I also spoke about my love for Andre and my worry for his mental and physical health. (The night prior, he experienced an episode as a symptom of extreme stress and anxiety).

At that moment, I felt so much better and found myself smiling even before being taken back for surgery. I was so pleased with feeling closer to God. I knew He would protect me.

When I woke from surgery, yes, I was in excruciating pain but somehow, I could breathe better because I knew the extreme pain was only temporary. I looked at the time and was relieved to see that the surgery was quick. I felt lighter, I was at ease and excited to see Andre.”

I will be honest, I was caught by surprise, especially when I remembered that just days ago, we had a talk about, how much she wished the accident didn’t happen!

We are both very grateful for God’s grace, Charlie has always prayed and talked with God, but now her devotion has increased by a lot and for that we are grateful!

In the afternoon, I took the boys to the pool and London had a blast, Julien not so much, he really didn’t want to get in the water today! So, I couldn’t cool off either.

We had such a fun time at the pool, I just feel so blessed to have the time to take our boys to the pool on a Tuesday afternoon, the little moments are the most special ones.

Today at my non-profit meeting , I was praised as a Caregiver, and I asked to clarify something, I am beyond humbled to be called a caregiver, but I do not deserve the title, I am an Advocate, Charlie has a great team of RNs, aid’s , they are the ones providing her care, I just advocate in her behalf when she couldn’t, I just want to be fair to the real caregivers that have the very difficult job to care for the base necessities of their loved ones, it is not an easy job and it requires incredible strength and generosity.

I am just an Advocate.

Today I had a 2 hour therapy session and I do feel better after it, I am starting to make sense to what May have caused my episode, but we still have a lot of work to do to fully understand, and avoid this from happening again, sadly my “spell” de realization lasted almost 48h, not continues but on and off, I am ok, but I am. Being cautious about my feelings.

I am so grateful for God’s grace touching Charlie in a very special way, I am also thankful to you!

And I also want to say Thank you! For keeping I almost Lost Her Book'' consistently on the top 40 news release books on Amazon, on the personal growth Category and Memoir Category, we are so grateful for your support!

Have a good night, and May God bless You!


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