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Day 290 | JUNE 27, 2022 (Continuation)

Good morning, Friends, today is day 290 of our new and amazing life.


As we learned that Charlie would now be going to the hospital in the evening instead of the next morning, our entire mood changed, talk about anxiety!

Charlie was very anxious, and one of the ways she deals with her anxiety is to organize!

With the help of her aid and my mom, Charlie organized Julien’s clothes, all of his drawers. She also re-organized the pantry.

All this was happening mid-morning, London was at summer camp, I had dropped him off at 8:30a and Julien was a handful (we call it being in rare form) at our house.

He was running around screaming and pulling his folded clothes out of the drawers, my mom was trying to control him, and I could hear the commotion from my office downstairs.

I knew that if I didn’t step in and helped my family, they all would become even more stressed.

For the first time in a while, I stopped working at 11am, (on a Monday) and focused on Julien. I fed him an early lunch, rocked him to sleep, and told VoVo to also go upstairs and take a nap at the same time as Julien.

For a brief moment it was Just me and Charlie and her aid.

Charlie did express her frustration with the change of plans when she was supposed to check in at the hospital, and that was a very valid feeling.

After I picked up London from Camp and got home, Julien was awake, Charlie had started her wound care, so I played with the boys indoors.

Once Charlie was done with her painful wound care, she wanted to be outside with the boys, so we spent the last few hours outside, London and Julien had so much fun! And Charlie was really taking it all in, she was very aware that for the next 4weeks, she would not be outside, and that was not a very exciting thought to have.

As the hours went by, Charlie and I knew that the time to get on the road to Richmond was fast approaching.

We ordered dinner, Charlie chose Turkish Food from our friends at Sultan Kebab, and we had a very delicious dinner!

I gave London a Shower as my mom gave Julien a bath, both boys came downstairs and spent a little time with mommy.

After the last kisses and goodbyes, it was time for us to leave for VCU.

As we got in 64, a very familiar road for so many days, and now we were right back on it.

Around half way, I started to feel very strange, It was almost as if I was dreaming, but I was awake, I was talking with Charlie, but I just couldn’t help the overwhelming feeling of dreaming, not sleeping, I felt my body numbed, and had to really fight to stay focused on the road.

At no moment were we in danger of a car crash, but I have never experienced such a feeling, and to this moment I have no idea what May have caused it.

Once we arrived safely at VCU, we made our way to our old stomping grounds, The Burn Unit.

No matter how many times I have walked down those hallways, there is always a coldness about them, and this time Charlie was with me, this was the first.

We got into her room, right by the entrance, a regular room, non-ICU .

We got her set up, found room for her wheelchair, got all her electronics set up, you know that you are a regular when all your devices automatically connect to the Wi-Fi.

Charlie was a little calmer, I think the fact that a few of her dear nurses and doctors came by to welcome her, gave her some comfort.

That is my friends, I have been up since 3:50am, I guess I am also anxious.

My alarm will go off at 7am, and I will get up and start our day!

I have been praying for Charlie’s surgery to go well, I can’t help but worry, until I can see her later this afternoon, I know I won’t be able to focus much.

I am grateful for the VCU Burn team, and I am grateful to you! Thank you for continuing to Pray for Charlie.

If you once again, feel inclined to send Charlie, get well Cards, here is your chance once again:

Attn: Charlie Anne Xavier

Evans-Haynes Burn Center

Critical Care Hospital, 8th floor

1213 E. Clay St.

Richmond, VA 23298

Thank you and have a blessed day!


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