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Day 285 | JUNE 22, 2022

Good evening, Friends, today is day 285 of our new and amazing life!

Today was an exciting day!

London was up early, 6 am he was by my bedside just standing there looking at me.

I was out of bed and in the shower shortly after waking up, Julien decided to sleep in today, a nice change for him at last!

London and I had breakfast together, he asked for French Toast 🙂, luckily, I had a few frozen pieces of French Toast and that made for a quick breakfast!

Charlie joined us shortly after we started, as did my mom and baby Julien.

After breakfast I made my way to my office and was at work by 8:30am.

Today I had something very special planned, Charlie had gifted me for Father’s Day, a 50 minutes Swedish massage at the very nice Spa at the Boars Head Inn, and I will be honest, this gift caused me some stress, because I just could not see how I was going to take time off from my limited work schedule, to enjoy a massage, plus I have been feeling incredible guilt, since the accident, I don’t feel worthy of enjoying myself, since Charlie is enduring so much pain.

As the hours went by, I continued to be nervous, but around 11am, Charlie texted me and said, I really hope you can enjoy today's self-care movement, at that second, I realized that, I needed to focus a little on me, I have been running on adrenaline since 9/10/21, maybe it was time to let myself relax even if it is for 1 hour, and since Charlie is the one telling me to do it, I was less guilty.

So, I made my way to the Spa, at the same time Charlie made her way to her PT.

It was amazing, for 50 minutes, and since the accident, my mind didn’t have to focus on anything, I was able to really unplug for that time, and for a second it was like I had no worries.

When I was finished, after a quick dip in the pool, shower. I was back home, one hour and thirty minutes after I left.

I am so grateful for this incredible opportunity to practice self-care, and I must say, I needed it, I really needed this break.

Thank you, Charlie!

Today was also the day, People magazine released the online preview of the exclusive interview that Charlie gave them, we are very grateful to People and their report and staff for telling Charlie’s story in a positive and inspiring way, you will want to pick up the new issue of People on newsstands nationwide Friday to read your full story.

This is the first time Charlie spoke to a reporter about her accident, they also talked with her doctor, it is an incredible interview.

The Cover and the first page of the interview is posted below.

I also would like to welcome several new friends that joined us today after seeing the online preview. Welcome and thank you for your prayers and support!

Please be sure to visit our blog, cheering on Charlie to read from day 1, Charlie’s incredible story of Survival, Faith and Love!

May God Bless You! And thank you for your continued support of our book.


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