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Day 280 | JUNE 17, 2022

Good evening, Friends, today is day 280 of our new and amazing life!

Today I woke up around 6am, with London standing and staring at my bedside 🙂, he was so excited to show me his loose tooth.

Him and I went downstairs and had breakfast together, Charlie joined us shortly after, Julien slept inn and was up around 8am.

This morning, Charlie gave me a list of things that needed to be done for London’s half birthday celebration. Charlie wanted to have this celebration since she missed the boy's birthday last December.

Since it was a very huge day, we had an ice cream cake, sprinklers, water toys and pizza!

Before setting everything up, I had some work to do, and today was full of unexpected changes, lots of flights canceled and several clients in need of flights being re-booked, but that is the value of working with a Travel Advisor.

After lunch, I started the set up for the party, and Charlie went to her PT session, and today she broke a new record on her walk with the assistance of a walker and she did an incredible 865 feet! Wow! She continues to improve and impress me and her therapists! Keep on going Charlie!

Once she returned, she had wound care to be done, and I finished the setup up and around 3pm, the first friends arrived, the kids had so much fun! They played and had fun, it was a hot and humid day here in Virginia, and the water was cooling and then a storm rolled in, but it didn't last long, so the pizza arrived and everyone had a great dinner!

It was a fantastic day!

As I write today’s entry, I am tired, but I am also so grateful. To see London with his friends, having fun and just being a kid is just so worthy and to have Charlie home is also incredible and I am so grateful and blessed!

Please continue to pray for us, and thank you!

May God bless you.


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