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Day 272 | JUNE 09, 2022

Good evening, Friends, today is day 272 of our new and amazing life.

This morning London came to my room around 6:30am, and said dad, I don’t feel good, I have a headache.

I took him and placed him next to me, and he fell asleep. By 7:30am I was downstairs with London and Julien, getting breakfast ready.

Poor London didn’t feel too good, so he lay on the sofa and ate some fruit, but not much. I medicated him, by mid-day he was feeling better and was playing and having fun.

Today was one of the few days I was able to focus on work. I even went up to Patch to help a little, so it felt like a very productive day.

Charlie also had a busy day, she had morning PT, she came home, did wound care, and left just in time for her OT appointment, talk about a busy day!

She did very well, and already her new record walking on a different type of walker, this time around she walked 515 feet, so very proud of you Charlie! She keeps on pushing!

Today a sweet interaction happened between my mom and Charlie, they were both in the kitchen, when my mom looked at Charlie and gestured to the coffee maker, they both smiled at each other and no word was said, my mom started to set up the table for their afternoon Cafe com Leite, the equivalent of an afternoon tea, but with Coffee and some treats, it was the cutest interaction ever, I even grab a picture of them hugging.

We had a serious conversation today, about the medical decisions that will be needed to make in the very near future.

Tonight's dinner was very special, yet so normal, for the first time in a while, we had dinner together as a family, with both boys and Vovo, it was just a sweet moment, and made me feel so grateful to be there, to have Charlie, it is just amazing how much joy we can have when we stop and just pay attention to the now.

I did leave my phone in the kitchen purposely, so I would not be distracted.

I am so grateful for our new life, it is not an easy adjustment, and it is not an easy road ahead, but the fact we have each other, it is an amazing blessing and we are so grateful to God!

Have a good night, and may God bless you!


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