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Day 271 | JUNE 08, 2022

Good evening, Friends, today is day 271 of our new and amazing life!

Today was a busy day!

We started it as usual with the boys and I having breakfast and Charlie joining shortly after.

She was beyond proud of her accomplishment today, she was able to brew her own coffee this morning! It is a huge deal! Charlie is slowly regaining her independence.

Charlie only had her appointment at the burn center this afternoon, so she had the morning off and she had so much fun with the boys.

I was hard at work trying to get as much done before we had to depart to Richmond.

We left in a hurry and took our lunch to eat in the car.

Driving to VCU was like Dejavu, I have made that drive so many times, and for the last week or so, I haven’t driven much, so it was a mixed feeling.

Upon arrival at VCU hospital, I knew that we had to find parking as close to the 8th floor as possible, since I knew that Charlie’s chair would not fit on those elevators, because they are small and always full.

So, I found a parking spot on the 7th floor of the parking garage and we walked (Charlie rode her chair) to the 8th floor entrance, where her Chair would fit.

Once again, we learned that most places are not as accessible as they could or should.

We finally made our way to the burn clinic, and I showed Charlie the waiting area that I waited for when we first got there. I also showed her the meeting room where I received the first update from her doctor, the one I talk about in the first chapter.

Charlie had not seen that part of the burn unit before.

When her name was called, we went to see her doctor, he was very happy to see us, and he genuinely seemed excited to see Charlie, the consultation lasted 4 hours! Well, it was like a old friends reunion 🙂

Charlie and her doctor had serious discussions about the next part of her treatment, and we have some big decisions ahead of us, please pray for wisdom.

The doctor was very pleased with her healing, and she will be seeing a hand specialist to decide how to help the scarring on her right hand. It is possible that a surgical intervention will be necessary.

Charlie and I walked by her old ICU room, and several of her nurses came running to say hello! It was such a sweet moment to see the incredible staff of the Burn Unit.

Today's trip to VCU was successful and also emotional, but in a positive way, the memories of the early days and being there today made us feel grateful. It is amazing to see how far Charlie has come.

I am so grateful for your prayers and support, please continue to pray, big medical decisions are ahead of us and we need all the guidance we can get.

May God Bless You!


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