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Day 266, June 03, 2022

Good evening, Friends, today is day 266 of our new and amazing life!

Today was better than yesterday.

This morning I was up at my new usual time, 6:40am. After a nice hot/ cold shower, I was ready to seize the day!

Even though London is on break from school, we are keeping the same wake up time at 7:30am, by 7:45am I was having breakfast with the boys, and around 8:20a Charlie joined us, we have managed to raise our dining table, so Charlie can now seat at the dining table with us.

Today Charlie made the effort to be outside with the boys, during play time! She was beyond happy! And even raced London on his bike, and her in her chair up the road, man I wish I had a picture of that amazing moment!! London was so happy to see how fast mommy's chair could move!

The weather really cooperated with her time outside today!

After Lunch, we went to her second PT appointment at UVA, and Charlie did a fantastic Job today!

She tried on a new type of walker, and she walked almost 410 feet on it! Not a new record, but very impressive being the first time in that kind of equipment!

Charlie is remarkably strong, and with incredible balance, she continues to make progress!

After her appointment, we made it home, just in time for her to have her wound care and shower, the whole process does take three and half hours! Charlie remains graceful while in a lot of pain.

After the exhausting wound care, Charlie was too tired to get back in her Chair, she just stayed in bed and tried to get some pressure out of her buttocks.

But she made the best out of her situation and London got an invitation to watch a movie with mommy in bed 🙂, he was beyond happy! So, they both had a great time watching a movie in bed on her iPad!

I absolutely love and admire Charlie's ability to turn a negative situation into a positive one!

I have been working hard in getting the website and links ready for the book pre-sale on Monday!

But some very lucky folks, somehow during the tests, signed up for the book pre-sale and received our awesome surprise gift! I really hope you enjoyed it!

Today something happened to me for the first time in person, it has happened Often via Facebook and messages, when I arrived at the UVA PT location, I unloaded Charlie and her aid, and I went to park the car, on my way in, this very kind women, said to me, Sir, can you please come here, At first I thought she asked what I was doing there, so I replied, Oh I am here with my wife, Charlie she just entered, she smiled and said, I just wanted to say thy I saw your story on the news, and I was beyond moved, by you!

I said, you mean moved by Charlie’s strength? And she said, yes but I was mostly moved by your love towards her. I can tell you are one of the good ones and I know that not many men would be doing what you are doing, well I said, thank you! But I am just doing what I promised on our wedding day, in health and in sickness, we are together and supporting each other, I thanked her and we went our ways.

This interaction got me thinking for a second, what kind of person would abandon their loved ones, when they needed you the most?!

How cruel would that be? I know that I am not doing anything out of the ordinary or special, it is truly effortless to be by my wife’s side, I actually feel privileged to be by her side, so tonight, I will pray for all the families that have been broken apart due to sickness or tragedy, May God comfort them, since it may not be easy to be left when you need help the most!

I am so grateful for my wife! And so grateful for her life!

May God bless you and please continue to pray for us!

Good night.


Charlie on PT day 266 UVA

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