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Day 260 | MAY 28, 2022

Good evening, Friends, today is day 260 of our new and amazing life.

First Saturday since Charlie is home, and it was a little different, London didn’t come to my room for his morning Cartoons, he instead went to see mommy in her room:), he is her little alarm clock.

We are still learning how long it takes for Charlie to do things, and we are doing our best to time our meals together.

We had a good day today, Charlie had fun with the boys in the morning and We continued the process of organizing her room, tomorrow will be a big day for deliveries, we have a lot of items coming in for her room and bathroom, to make her and our life easier, like her pill dispenser, it is a lot to keep track of it, even with the schedule that I am so grateful for.

Since our Au Pair left on Friday, my mom and aí are caring for the boys, and boy they are a handful, I am drained after a full day of play and fun! It is so helpful to have Charlie around to help me with the boys, she always knows what to say to make everyone feel better. We have a new Au Pair arriving on Monday.

I just want to say thank you for your continued generosity with the meal train, it is amazing how quick it filled up! We are so grateful for it.

Today one of our friends dropped by for her delicious dinner and stopped by for a visit, it was a short one but it was a good one.

Today was Charlie’s first wound care at home, and she did so well, it did take the full 3 hours, but one hour her nurses and her aid did a very good Job!

This was a scary part of her coming home, she was not sure how well the wound care would go, and I am so glad that it went well and without any issues.

Baby Julien is getting more and more used to mommy in the house, he is starting to make his cute faces to Charlie.

We had dinner as a family and it is so amazing to be in each other’s presence.

Charlie and I had a deep conversation about the frustrations that we are experiencing and also, we reminded each other of how much we have to be grateful, we remembered how hard it was on the early days of ICU, and Charlie shared with me, some of her thoughts as she fought very hard to stay alive while hooked up to the ventilator, she told me that she kept her mind busy and active, and always thinking about her boys!

I know that Charlie has so much for share from her time at the ICU, and also know it will take some time until she is ready to share all that she went through during the fight for her life!

I am grateful to God for his continuous blessings, and for you friends, your prayers and support are greatly appreciated.

Please continue to pray for strength and patience, we share just starting this very difficult road of at home recovery.

Thank you and have a blessed night.


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