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Day 258 | MAY 26, 2022

Good evening, Friends, today is day 258 of our new and amazing life!

The day that almost didn’t happen!

I am still in disbelief that today really happened!

I can’t even count the many times I dreamed, wished, hoped and prayed for, for this very specific moment, and the reality of today was beyond any of my dreams!

Wow! We didn’t expect to see so many people welcoming Charlie home, we were both in shock and disbelief! Thank you for every and single one of you that took the time to come out and cheer on Charlie!

Your enthusiasm and love were felt by us, it was incredible to see Charlie back in our driveway for the first time since September 10th, the day our life as we knew was taken from us.

I felt overwhelmed with so many emotions, but the one that really stood up was gratitude!

We have so much to be grateful for, first and foremost God! For the miracle of Charlie’s life, Her Doctors, Nurses, medical staff, our families, friends, neighbors, community, media and new friends, your love, prayers, generosity, and thoughts have been a huge part of Charlie’s recovery and finally the day that she came home!

The best part of coming home today is to see Charlie interacting with our boys, London is in absolute amazement over his mom being home, he is enjoying every minute with mommy, and today after Charlie reading 2 books to him, he said, mom can I be your little alarm clock tomorrow morning:), Charlie can’t handle so much cuteness.

Baby Julien is beyond adorable and Charlie has already experienced his love. Today he claimed her wheelchair for the first time. That meant the world for Charlie. She was so happy!

I am so happy to have my family under one roof once again, the past 8 months have been very difficult, and I know that this chapter won’t be an easy one, it will take time to adjust, and we will need a lot of patience with one another, but the one thing Charlie and I are good at, is communicating, we will always let each other know what is in our mind, I continue to be Charlie’s Advocate and partner, and together we will overcome one more chapter on this life long journey!

On our drive from SAI to Home, Charlie and I just looked at each other via the rear-view mirror, and it felt so amazing to see and know that my wife was there with me, coming home, we also talked about how, I am no longer driving to Richmond every day, I am sure it will feel strange at first, but I will get used into having Charlie home.

To look back and see how far we have come it is humbling and make us feel grateful, from the early days full of fear, to the beginning of feeling hopeful and now to full on gratitude it is an incredible Journey, and even more special is to have all of you side by side with us, praying at each step, we are very grateful for your support!

I feel somewhat accomplished today, we worked hard to make our house accessible and I am so grateful for the entire team that helped us!

And before I fall asleep, I do want to know that our Book pre-sale will start on June 6, (Charlie’s Birthday) and the publishing will be on September 10th, the first anniversary of Charlie’s rebirth. I am hoping that we can count with your continued support!

Now, it is time to say good night to my beautiful wife and get some rest.

Thank you so much for the amazing welcome home! May God bless You!!

Thank you and today was the best day ever!


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