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Day 257 | MAY 25, 202

Today is day 257 of our new and amazing life!

Today so far has been the longest day 🙂

I started my day early once again, and gotta work hard in getting the house ready for Charlie's arrival tomorrow!! Yes, she is coming home tomorrow!

We are happy to announce that we have secured 3 RNs to care for Charlie, so the minimum requirements are met and Charlie is coming home.

The last day of construction was intense, everyone rushing to finish just in time, and we have accomplished almost everything we planned for. Charlie has her room and bathroom ready to accommodate her, we just need a few very small touches to make it perfect!

I spend most of my day, auditing all the medical supplies, and I am so glad that I did, in there, they send 4 boxes of the same cream that caused the major breakdown of Charlie’s grafts when she first arrived at rehab, I am so glad that I saw it before it was applied in Charlie’s skin by accident by her new medical staff. Thank you, God!

I also organize her wound care cart, and we have almost everything that she Nessa for wound care, we just need one more item that will be in here tomorrow.

I made my way to see Charlie one last time today. I arrived there at almost 7pm, and we had a quick visit, since I was there to pack her room and bring almost everything home with me tonight.

Charlie had a busy day as well, she continues to break her walking records, today she walked 544 feet! She is unstoppable!!

Charlie is very excited but also anxious and nervous about coming home tomorrow, it will be a very big change! But we are so grateful!

Well friends, tomorrow is the day we dreamed of! The day that almost didn’t happen!

Charlie is being discharged from SAI at 2:30pm, we would love to see as many of you as possible! Please come out and let’s welcome Charlie home! She has not need home for almost 8 months!! She deserves a very welcome home!!

If you are in Charlottesville, come to Cascadia and cheer on Charlie as she comes home, Richmond folks, sheltering arms asked if you could remain outside, so we don’t disturb the other patients, come and see Charlie leaving rehab!

Charlottesville folks, we should be arriving around 3:25pm, and we will depart SAI at 2:30pm.

Thank you for all your prayers, I am beyond tired, but so happy and grateful!

May God bless You!


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