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Day 256 | MAY 24, 2022

Good evening, Friends, today is day 256 of our new and amazing life!

What a day!

Today, I was up early! 5am and I worked hard to move things around our garage, even in the midst of all construction materials, but I managed to clean up the space necessary for the ramp to be installed.

Around 9 am, I made my way to SAI for my family training. On the way I attended a business zoom meeting, and arrived on time for my training.

Today we focused on getting Charlie on and off of our van, how to properly fasten the straps and her seat belt, it is so great to know that we have a way to go places as a family once again.

I also learned how to help Charlie using the bathroom if we are out and about, all very important skills and knowledge to have on this new chapter of our journey.

I had lunch with Charlie at the cafeteria and hurried back home to help the 5 trades working in our house. Today was an insane day here, from mistakes, to someone forgetting tools and parts, but in the end, we accomplished so much today!

But off course, nothing is easier for us, remember that?

Well, our lovely insurance called me today at 6:30pm to let me know that, the two RNs they hired, no show for their training and they are not able to reach them, oh well!

I knew that I had to jump into action, once again, no time to be sad, or mad, because if we don’t have a nurse, Charlie won’t be discharged!!!

Once again, our amazing network of friends Jumped into action and within 2 hours, we have over 6 applications! So, we will review them tonight and make a decision tomorrow, but the good news is we have more than one RN! Thank you so much for sharing the word and thank you RNs for stepping up to help us!

If there is a will, there is always a way!

Nothing will stop us from bringing Charlie home on Thursday!

Her ramp is installed, she can enter her home 🙂, her transfer lift is installed, she can be moved from her bed to her chair, her bathroom and bathroom are painted, and her closet has floors. Her boys are ready to spoil her 🙂

Tomorrow will be the final push! We are going to finish on time! I am so excited to have done my part, and I am so grateful to all workers! We literally just finished painting and the ramp installation at 10pm!

I am beyond tired today, I wish you a good night and May God Bless You!

Please continue to pray for her discharge to happen!

Thank you


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