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Day 251 | MAY 19, 2022

Good evening, Friends, today is day 251 of our new and amazing life!

Today was a good day.

We are at full speed getting the house ready for Charlie’s to return.

To say that we are facing challenges to bring her home, it is an understatement.

Charlie and I had an emotional day, when we learned about some challenges ahead of us, and we looked at each other and said, does anything come easy for us?

No! Everything in our life’s requires effort, hard work, strength, resilience and determination, and now is no different, we will overcome these difficulties and make it better, like we always do.

I apologize for speaking in an abstract manner today, but I promise that I will write about the issues we are having once they are resolved, but I do ask for your prayers once again, we need strength and wisdom.

Today Charlie worked hard with her arm recovery specialist, and her sole goal was to practice , reading books to our boys, that is Charlie’s goal to every night, read books with the boys, and she is working hers to learn how to hold the book, she can do it with the help of a big chip bag holder:)

It is incredible to see her determination in holding the book!

Charlie received the visit of two good friends today, so I stayed back and worked all day non-stop until 10pm!!

I managed to get our book pre-sale ready to start very soon! It is amazing how much work is required to publish a book! And today, I am proud to say, I accomplished everything needed to make it happen, I just need one more step and soon, you will be able to pre order our incredible book!

Charlie had a great visit and her friends end up opening her mail, and today she had two very special packages, one contained two books from “Scriptures in Pictures “and the second a copy of the Phoenix SOAR, Charlie is contemplating the idea to volunteer at the Phoenix Society, Charlie is eager to start her new give mission, that I know!

I am sorry for the short journal entry, I am drained after my long work day, but I do feel very accomplished and grateful!

It is hard to believe that Charlie will be coming home, yes Charlie is scheduled to come home by the end of next week!!

But before we can celebrate, few things need to happen and that is what Her and I are working hard to accomplish before the end of next week.

Thank you for your prayers and generosity, May God Bless You!


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